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Luxury Condo Amenities For Seniors

You’ve had the time of your life: you’ve raised your family, worked hard, travelled around and experienced a lifetime of moments. But now it’s time to embrace your retirement years, enjoying peace and tranquillity while still enjoying all those lovely moments with family and friends.

So, how do you do that?

You move into a luxury condo community that is designed for you. But more than that, you make sure that the community offers the best possible amenities so you can enjoy your senior, retirement and downsizing years to the fullest!

So, what do you look for?

Thankfully, we have the perfect example to set our standards to. We’re referring to The Views, the premier condos in Calgary for seniors. This lavish establishment will be the focus of our discussion about the must-have condo amenities designed exclusively for seniors.

Five Luxury Condo Amenities for Seniors

State-of-the-Art Fitness Facility

Being physically active when you’re older is incredibly important. Not only will exercise reduce your risk of developing diseases, but it will keep you mentally active, increase stamina and energy, maintain your weight and help reduce stress, anxiety and depression. You’ll also get to make new connections and friends that last a lifetime. So it makes sense that you want a condo complex that offers you the opportunity to embrace exercise. That’s what you should be looking for!

Try to look for a community that offers fitness classes, including strength training and yoga, designed for seniors. Better yet, if they offer these classes outdoors and are close to walking, hiking and biking paths, that’s an added plus – a little sunshine should prove helpful.

Interior Hotspots

Sometimes, it’s nice knowing that you can walk down the stairs or straight out the front door and find yourself surrounded by common areas that can be catered to your needs. It’s something that all seniors should have access to when they move into a luxury condo.

Make sure the complex has a kitchenette, a bistro table and relaxed seating, so you can prepare and share a nice meal with your family, friends and fellow residents. You should also make sure there is a multi-purpose common room, in case you need the extra room for any events or celebrations.

Eventful Outdoor Areas

Spending time outdoors is a joyous period for Canadians. Whether it’s in the dawn of summer or spring, or as the stars cover the sky in the snowy winter months, it’s always a treat spending time outdoors – if you have the space and tools for it!

Luckily, if you search hard enough (or just move into The Views), you can find it fitted to your lifestyle. Outdoor areas with BBQ pits and Trellis seating can provide you with the scene for numerous gatherings. It’s a bonus, too, if those areas are available at both penthouse and garden-level.

Picturesque Views & Areas

There’s something to be said about getting up in the morning and seeing beautiful, natural elements just outside your window. Not only will it give you experience a boost in energy and joyfulness, but it encourages you to venture outside and embrace nature in its purest form.

That’s why you should look for condos situated outside the Downtown limits, close to a protected environmental reserve and near majestic walking trails, while being surrounded by natural walls that offer seclusion and privacy from the rest of the world. It’s the tranquillity you deserve in your later years.

Next-Level Security and Safety

You want safety and security when you’re retired. You don’t want to worry about locking doors, closing gates or managing security systems. You want peace – and that can only be found by living in an establishment that has top-notch security. Here’s what you should be looking for when it comes to high-end security and condo living:

Safe storage areas and secure parking; a sturdy concrete and steel structure that demotivates intruders; a gated community with a staff member on-site; and secure community entry. Add all these together, and you’re set for life.

The next time you’re wondering about what retirement should look like, make sure you consider these amenities when looking for a luxury condo. These amenities will ensure you have the retirement and senior experience you deserve.