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5 Benefits of Hiring an Event Specialist

When hosting a major event, such as a wedding, anniversary or holiday party, or corporate event, the thought of planning and orchestrating the details can be daunting. After all, there are many factors to consider: venue, decorations, entertainment, food, drinks, servers, invitations, and so on. An event specialist or planner can remove much of the burden associated with planning the perfect celebration or function. There are at least five benefits of hiring an event specialist.

1. Reduces Costs

Although it may be counter-intuitive, hiring an event planner may actually be less expensive than planning the event yourself. Event specialists can be excellent agents for their clients when securing the services and goods of others for the planned event. Event specialists have developed contacts with venues, vendors, and service providers. As a result, they are given discounts that a layperson would not receive for the same goods and services. Many planners are also skilled at negotiating for discounts when dealing with a new venue, vendor, or service provider and can also educate their clients on the best ways to cut costs. These are advantages not available to a typical layperson who is organizing an event alone, and, as a consequence, the costs are generally higher for an event not organized by an event specialist.

2. Creative Ideas

Event specialists can be a source of ideas for your party’s theme or for the best ways to make your theme come to life. Because of their contacts with venues, vendors, and service providers as well as their naturally creative abilities and experience, event specialists can offer ideas, locations, and resources to help perfect your party’s purpose. For example, for a casino themed corporate event, AUS Casino Party Hire can help you create the ideal casino party with specific themes, including a Las Vegas or Great Gatsby casino themed event. Using an event specialist can help you create an event beyond your imagination.

3. Access to Resources

The nature of an event planner’s job gives him access to vendors, suppliers, venues, and other merchants and service providers essential to an organized event. Planners also stay abreast of new locations, providers, and trends to broaden their connections and their offerings to their clients. This means that they can offer both wisdom and experience-backed suggestions as well as fresh and new resources. Event planners know the reputation and reliability of specific venues, service providers, and vendors and can help you choose the best in the industry. As such, their connections and knowledge eliminate much of the time-consuming task of seeking and securing the necessary vendors and venue. Event planners also reduce the risks of hiring the wrong vendors and service providers. These attributes save both time and money.

4. Gives Undivided Attention

Unlike many laypeople, an event specialist dedicates his full attention to the event. Because his profession is to organize events, an event planner is able to concentrate on all the details necessary to coordinate the event according to your deadlines. Many lay people are distracted by their own employment, family matters, and other factors that may delay or sabotage the planning of their event. Hiring an event planner unloads the burden of planning when life is already hectic and full of distractions.

5. Marketing

Depending on the nature and size of the event, marketing may be a necessity. For smaller social gatherings, such as a holiday party, marketing may not go beyond mere invitations, but for a corporate gathering or a fund-raising gala, expert marketing may be required. An event specialist will know the best outlets for advertising your specific event. Advertising outlets may include print and electronic media, local radio stations, or T.V. ads. An experienced planner will know how to affordably and effectively promote your event.

The above five reasons to hire an event planner culminate in a final benefit: an event planner ultimately reduces the stress of organizing and hosting an event. An event specialist takes care of the details of coordinating an event, including securing all the players needed to effectively and timely realize an event based on the client’s vision. This means that the client can experience the event as a guest would: enjoying the entertainment, food, and activities carefree.

Hire an event specialist to help you perfect your next event or celebration stress free and with the confidence that your vision will become a reality.