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The Best Outdoor Activities You Can Experience in Los Angeles

With great weather all year, Los Angeles is a great destination, especially for the ones who want to go on adventurous trips. From the rocky mountains and serene valleys to the incredible ocean and sandy beaches, LA offers endless places to be explored. Swimming and hiking are the most popular activities this city offers, but the options don’t limit to them. The best thing about outdoor activities is that you will get your pulse racing and step outside of your comfort zone to make some good memories. And if you want to leave the busy and crowded life of the city, going and spending some time in nature will ensure that you will have a piece of mind and also release the pressure accumulated over the week. 

Here are the best outdoor activities to experience in Los Angeles. 

Surf at the Venice Beach

If there is a good moment to start a new outdoor skill, that time is in the summer, especially if it is about surfing. And the shorelines of Venice Beach offer great activities in which you can simply relax and tan or swim and surf. Because the waves are mellow, Venice Beach is perfect for beginners. Breakwater is the most surfable spot at this beach, located just some steps away from the famous Venice signs. Here you will find some fantastic waves but arrive in the morning as by midday it will get quite crowded. Another option to surf is the Venice Fishing Pier, but keep in mind that this alternative is not recommended for beginners. Suppose you also want to experience the everyday life of Los Angeles here. In that case, you will meet the unique vibes of the LA neighborhood, with colorful streets, eccentric characters and many bohemian artists. Also, while here, you need to see the canals built by Abbot Kinney in 1905 because they represent a hidden gem in a serene and quiet area where you can admire the architecture or simply walk around and see the vegetation and flowers. 

Discover local wildlife in Marina del Rey

Marina del Rey is a seaside area in California where you can enjoy a peaceful atmosphere and discover dolphins, sea lions, and plenty of species of birds. At the Fisherman’s Village, you can watch the sea lions on the docks and Californian gulls and pelicans, ready to snag something from the fishing boats at each minute. If you book a whale-watching trip, you will be able to see some gray whales, dolphins or sea turtles. Also, in this area, you can go paddling in a peaceful atmosphere and in the company of marine animals. Because you will spend a great time in nature, it would be good to book a spot in the LAX parking lot to ensure that your car will stay safe while you discover what Los Angeles has to offer. 

Go camping

California offers the best alternatives to go camping and hiking, so you need to try it, as not only will you discover new places, but you also get the chance to escape the crowded city. And because forested mountains and miles of coastlines surround LA, you will have plenty of options for where to camp. For example, popular choices are Idyllwild, Los Padres National Forest, Lake Arrowhead, and Big Bear Lake. Idyllwild is a splendid area with amazing ponderosa pine forests, glassy lakes and plenty of crannies and nooks where you can place your tent. Here you can also climb rocks, hike, bike or explore villages such as Fern Valley and Pine Cove. Big Bear Lake is also popular, as it offers campgrounds near the water or deeper into the forests. And here, you can opt for Serrano Campground, a famous spot just some steps away from the lake and next to the Alpine Pedal, where you can walk or go on bike rides. So, are you ready for your next camping trip? Just make sure you grab a map, pack your bag, book a spot at Parkos to leave your car securely and be ready to have the time of your life. 

Chase waterfalls

You will always be amazed by waterfalls, as there is something magical about watching them. And the best part is that they are hidden away, and you need to hike and go on adventurous trips to discover and find them. Los Angeles has plenty of waterfalls, like Escondido Falls, Paradise Falls, Trail Canyon Falls and Black Star Canyon. Escondido Falls, you will find if you descend the Santa Monica Mountain Valley, but be ready to be amazed by the beauty that nature offers in this place. Take your time to look at this fantastic spot because here, you will see large oak trees, butterflies and plenty of flowers that border the amazing trail. Paradise Falls is an oasis of tranquility, from where the water will be heard rushing even before you reach the waterfall. Whatever waterfall you choose to see, you will surely be amazed by its beauty. 

Hike Griffith Park

Griffith is a spot considered by plenty of tourists in LA, and we can see why, as hiking in this area is something that everybody needs to experience at some point in life. This location’s views are impressive, as you will have almost 4,210 acres to discover and where to wander in the wilderness of the largest public and green space in LA. Here you can go on dusty hiking trails, see amazing views or visit famous attractions like the Observatory or the Los Angeles Zoo. 

Final words

Los Angeles is an amazing place to visit, where besides several attractions in the city, you will also find activities to attend in nature. Because it offers alternatives that meet the desires and preferences of all travelers, LA is one of the most visited cities in the United States.