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Revive Your Marriage Through Counselling

Marriage is a sacred bond between two people who are committed to sharing their lives together. It should be a safe place where both parties feel loved, supported and appreciated. But life isn’t always a fairy-tale and often relationships are strained to the point of breaking. It can become difficult for some couples to work through their problems without support which can lead to a decision to separate or divorce. This can cause significant pain in the lives of both the couple and their immediate family. Recent research shows that in the last two decades, divorce rates have doubled around the world. The causes of this are varied and amongst them, is ending things without exploring all options, to work through the problems within the relationship.

If you are looking for the counselling then you should definitely look for the counselling services Perth.

  • Why do you need marriage counselling?

Marriage counselling in Adelaide by Therapia Psychology is one of the most trusted and reputable places to seek help in saving your marriage. They have a pool of expert psychologists, relationship therapists and clinical sexologist who believe in building better relationships piece by piece. The best marriage counsellors are those who assist couples in saving their marriages in the most tactful and discreet way. Leaving each party feeling listened to and supported. They will offer practical tips and tools to help overcome the challenges each couple face and guide them as they work through these issues.

Marriage counselling is seen to be the most effective way to rejuvenate the bond between couples. Here are a few things to consider when seeking help with your relationship.

  •  Are you ready for separation?

This is the most important, and the most painful question to deal with and can be quite confronting. Many couples feel so frustrated and disconnected from one another that impulsively they can opt for separation without even considering the alternatives. This is where counselling can help.

  •  Have you tried your best to save your marriage?

Most of the couples would answer yes when asked this question but when in the hands of the best psychologist in Adelaide, who help you connect with your inner self and each other, you may find that there are some simple changes that when implemented daily can lead to a much happier, healthier and more fulfilled marriage.

  •  Is your marriage worth saving?

That’s another heavily loaded question. In some marriages, one of the partners may have already moved on, emotionally if not physically, while the other forcefully stays in the relationship with the hopes of saving it. This situation requires a trained counsellor that can either help you in rebuilding your relationship or assist in facilitating a clean break. Whether you decide to re-commit or quit, seeking help throughout that process will benefit you both.

  •  Can you save your marriage alone?

A lot of couples struggle with communication. Arguments can go around in circles with neither party feeling heard or understood, which can lead to resentment. It can be difficult opening up to a third party about the problems you’re facing at home, in your relationship and in life. You can relax knowing that your Marriage counsellor is highly trained, impartial and there to help you both. It’s a place where you can feel safe in communicating your concerns without judgement.

The chances of saving a marriage through effective counselling is much higher than going it alone. Seeking professional help can bring about a new level of clarity that neither of you may have felt before. Once you can better understand your partner’s needs, wants and desires and they understand yours you have the ability to make changes that will have a positive impact on you both. Whether your relationship needs a tune up or a full overhaul, contact Therapia Psychology today to find the right therapist for you.