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Great Additions For A Dinosaur Themed Party

Most boys and girls absolutely love dinosaurs and using this as a theme for their birthday party is a great idea. No matter what age your child is or which their favorite dinosaur happens to be, using this topic for their party will ensure that they can have a fully interactive and fun-themed event that they will never forget. Let’s take a look at just some of the ideas which you can include, which will ensure both the guests and the birthday boy or girl has an amazing time. 

Dinosaur Bones

What would a dinosaur party be without some dinosaurs in attendance? Whilst these extinct creatures may not be around to attend the prestigious event, bring some bones in most certainly can replace them. Take a look at a dinosaur skeletons decoration, which is an incredibly realistic replica that will wow guests when they come into the room. These life-sized figures perfectly recreate dinosaur fossils, and all kinds of dinosaurs are available.

Dinosaur Textiles 

You can most certainly decorate the room with bones and fossils, but dinosaur textiles will be a great way to excite the kids and include them into the party experience. Here you can look at bulk buying costumes which the kids can use when they come through the door. Many parents ask visitors to come dressed up, and that is a good way to save money. With this being said however, being able to offer costumes will take the pressure off visiting parents. Look to buy dinosaur costumes which require multiple people rather than a single costume per person.

Nail The Cake

The cake gives you a fantastic opportunity to give your kid the most special dinosaur experience. Some cakes which offer 3D dinosaurs can cost a pretty penny and whilst they will look great, kids don’t really appreciate this kind of thing. It is far better for you to look at delivering a large scale cake, with a 2D pattern of their name next to their most favorite dinosaur. 

Adopt a Dinosaur

A really cool idea for kids will be the ‘adopt a dinosaur bin’ which gives them the chance to pick a dinosaur from the basket and that will be their buddy for the duration of the party. Kids love having a little mascot to look after and given that this is a dino party, a selection of the prehistoric creatures for them to choose from makes great sense.

Egg Hunt 

Egg hunts aren’t just for Easter time, you can use this party as the ideal opportunity to create your very own dinosaur egg hunt. When the guests come in, hand them a small, hand drawn map of the venue, with some clues as to where the dinosaur eggs may be. You can add some prizes for those who find the eggs, creating a nice little bit of healthy competition between the group. This is a great activity and if you hide them well enough, it is one which can go on for most of the party. 

These are just some of the ideas which you could consider for your dino-themed event.