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Easy Tips to Maintain Your Ice Makers For a Longer Time

Whether it’s lemonade on a hot summer afternoon or a cocktail in a party, drinks are always more enjoyable with ice. And that’s why ice machines have become popular. Whether it is for residential or commercial use, ice makers are fast becoming a necessity for the kitchen. And with their rising popularity, there’s also a big development in the technologies used for making it. But like any other appliance, choosing the right ice makers is not enough. You need to keep it well-maintained to reap its many benefits for a longer time. Most owners often forget this fact and neglect them. This leads to the machines losing their functionality and becoming less and less productive over time. What you need to do is take proper care of the ice makers right from the beginning. Here are a few tips to keep your machines well-maintained and productive for a longer time.

Clean the Machines Regularly

Cleanliness and hygiene are the first and foremost requirements for any kind of machine. And residential or commercial ice makers are no exceptions. No matter the need and the setup, if you want your machines to stay in a good condition, regular cleaning is a must. It is essential not just for the longevity and functionality of the machines, but also for the health and hygiene of the people using it. Thoroughly clean your ice makers every few months to keep them free of harmful build up. Also, ensure that your machines are properly sanitized and safe before using.

Replace The Filters Frequently

Water filters are one of the most important components of ice makers. As the name suggests, they filter the water and keep impurities away from the ice we receive. However, over time and with regular use, the dirt and impurities accumulated in the filters may cause it to stop working properly. This may lead to water not being cleaned thoroughly making it unsafe for consumption. To avoid this, it’s better to replace the filters regularly every few months.

Check For Clogs and Treat Them Quickly

All ice makers, especially refrigerator ice makers, are quite prone to frequent clogging of the ice bins and filters. While replacing a filter is easy, ice bins are a littler trickier. You might not be able to replace them as easily. But you can avoid that by simply cleaning the ice bins more frequently. Ice bins tend to jam due to constant melting ice or smashed ice pieces getting stuck. However, wiping the surfaces frequently with cloth dipped in hot water can go a long way in keeping the machines in a good clog free.

Keep The Ice Cube Bins Clean

Ice dispensers are mostly forgotten once the ice makers are installed. However, not keeping them clean and well-maintained can be a huge risk for the health of the machines as well as the people using it. Regular cleaning, de-clogging, and de-scaling are necessary to keep it in a good condition. But more than that, you should also sanitize the ice bins every few months by scrubbing the bin with a cleaning solution made especially for ice machines. This helps in increasing the life of the machines and keeping the ice produced safe and healthy.

It is quite easy to take care of ice makers by cleaning them regularly and inspecting them for problems every few months. Commercial ice makers are an important part of the business. It is necessary to keep them in healthy and working condition in order to get clean and healthy ice for a longer time.

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