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How to Look Stylish and Save Money on a Beach Vacation

Where and when you are going on your beach vacation is the key determinant to saving. The last thing you want is to feel stressed out for not having enough or spending too much on your beach vacation outfit. Beach vacations are for enjoyment, relaxation, and having a good time. A beach vacation is also the time to stun and step out in your fashionable beach outfit. The only challenge that many people have is coming up with a less expensive beach outfit and look. The good thing is that you do not have to rob a bank for you to look stylish on your vacation at the beach. Here are some tips to save on your beach vacation outfits:

Downsize the list

The first way to save is by downsizing your beach outfit list. Most of us end up packing and buying outfits that we don’t even need. To avoid such, you need to write down a list of outfits that you must have. When it comes to packing, you need to be very strategic about it. If possible, settle for multi-purpose outfits. You can settle for outfits such as a Sarong that can double up as a dress. You can also settle for a cover-up that can also be worn as a top. 

Shopping off-season

The second suitable way to shop for your beach outfits is by shopping off-season. This is one proven way to save money on your beachwear. During the winter seasons, many retailers opt to discount their summer beach outfits. They do this to clear the old stock and make room for new, stylish, and trendy beach outfits. Therefore, if you are planning to go on a beach vacation during the summer season, you better start shopping for your outfits during the winter season. You will find great offers on cover-ups, swimwear, and other beach outfits. 

Consider buying your beach outfits wholesale

Buying your beach vacation outfits wholesale is also another clever way to save money. There are beachwear suppliers who sell their items in bulk at a discount. With the availability of online shopping, it has now become easier to find Wholesale vacation outfits in the comfort of our homes. Online shopping at Shewin will also allow you to have access to stylish beach wear affordably. 

Settle for a versatile outfit

This is a trick that will help you save while buying beach outfits. Choose outfits that can easily be mixed and matched. You can settle for a pair of denim shorts that can easily be worn with a variety of blouses or tops. Consider outfits that can easily be dressed down or up and ones that are comfortable for different occasions and activities. 

Consider lightweight clothes

While concentrating on saving, you should never forget to choose or pack vacation beach clothes that are lightweight and breathable. Such clothes are suitable for keeping you comfortable and cool especially when the weather is hot. Lightweight clothes are suitable for your beach vacation because they do not consume so much space. For comfort, you better settle for clothes made from linen, cotton, and rayon. 

Wait for discounts and sales

You will save a lot when you wait for beach vacation outfits to be discounted. Many beachwear retailers offer discounts on their clothes and products. You can be on the lookout for promotions, sales, and discount offers by simply signing up for retailers’ email lists. Apart from just waiting for sales and promotions, you can also consider buying your beach vacation outfit from online marketplaces and second-hand stores as well. When it comes to discounted outfit for your beach vacation, look no further than Shewin. 


It’s very possible to create stylish vacation beach wear on a budget. This can be possible by downsizing your outfit list, shopping for your beach wear off-season, choosing versatile outfits, timing discounted outfits, packing multi-purpose outfits, and going the second-hand way. Therefore, it is simple and easy to plan a beach vacation without robbing the bank.