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Students’ Dorm Room: How to Make It Cozy

There are many reasons why students feel uncomfortable when living in a dorm room. They have to deal with home-sickness and worry and anxiety of living in a new place. If you are a student living in a dorm room, you know how hard it can be to adapt to a new environment.

If you are a dorm room reflects your personal taste, you will be happy to live and study in that room. In this post, we will show you how to make a dorm room cozy and comfortable—just like the home you grew up in.

Dorm room wall décor

When you go to a dorm room, the first things you notice are bare walls. You can make the room more interesting and vivid by adorning them with some items. If you want to make your dorm room cozy, the first thing you need to focus on is your personal taste. Here are a few ways to adorn the walls of your dorm room:

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Wall stickers

You can easily adorn the walls of your dorm room with some wall stickers. A good thing about wall stickers is that you can easily remove and reuse them. A wide range of sticker colors, sizes, designs and themes are available. You can use paper wall garlands, colorful garlands and twinkle lights.


Using posters is one of the best ways to decorate your dorm room walls. You can use several small posters or one large one. Choose posters depending on your personal tastes. You may choose the images of your favorite celebrities, dogs or cats, or abstract prints. Custom prints are also available online, and you can order them.

Custom frames

You can use some homemade items to adorn the walls of your dorm room. A good idea is to use a mixed-art collage that features tickets, postcards, photos of friends and relatives, souvenirs and other items. Such a thing can add beauty and charm to your room. Apart from that, you can use wood wall decorations and string art. You can do some research online to learn more about it.

Bedding tips

Sleeping in a comfortable and cozy bed is a relaxing experience. But beds in dormitories are not that comfortable. To make your bed cozy, first, you need the right mattress. Here are some useful tips:

Select natural fibers

Choose natural fibers because they are breathable and they can give you a good night’s sleep. In summer they will wick the moisture away and in summer they will keep you warm. This is one of the best cozy dorm room ideas.

Make sure your bedspreads or your sheets are also made of cotton or other natural fibers. Proper air circulation is one of the reasons why they are so comfortable.

Consider the bed size

Measuring the dimensions of your bed is a good idea. If the bed is long, use a twin XL size sheet. For a dorm bed, try not to choose a white bed sheet. A white sheet will get dirty quickly and you will have to wash it frequently. Darker colors are better because they do not get dirty so fast.

Storage solutions

You must pay attention to the smallest details when making a storage system in your dorm room. Try to arrange it in such a way that you can store many different things in a small place. Here are some tips that will help you arrange your storage systems:

Smart shelving

In most cases, you will not be allowed to install something heavy in your dormitory room. Buy a freestanding wall shelf and make sure it is not too cumbersome or bulky. Such a shelf does not occupy too much space, and you can store many items. Shelves come in many different designs.

Box it up

Storing things in boxes is also a good idea. You easily store many different dorm essentials in boxes. Whether you want to store stationery or clothing, a large box can be a good choice. Plastic storage boxes are inexpensive and durable. They also come in many cool designs.

Other tips for decorations

  • Make sure you have a large mirror in your dorm room. It not only serves its primary purpose but also makes a small space look bigger. It has a soothing psychological effect. For college dormitories, there are different types of mirrors, such as standing ladder-style mirrors and over-the-door-rectangular mirrors.
  • See if you can have some plants in your room. They not only beautify your room but also benefit you in many other ways. They purify the air inside your room and add a natural touch to your surroundings.
  • Use a beautiful rug to add more comfort to your room. However, you do not need an expensive rug for this purpose. Affordable rugs also come in beautiful designs.
  • Another way to beautify your dorm room is to use additional lighting. You can use an adjustable lamp, floor lamp, or table lamp. When you are studying, you can use your table lamp instead of using the overhead light. These sources of light are also useful when you have a roommate in your room.
  • Keep a garbage can in your room. Your living situation and your dorm size will determine the size of the can. If you need to keep a garbage can under your desk, keep a small one. Keep one in your bathroom and another in your kitchen.
  • Garbage cans come in many colors, styles and designs.
    Keep some candles in your room to get warm, comforting light. Perfumes candles are available on the market. However, your college may or may not allow you to use candles in your room.
  • If you are a super-busy student, you will find it hard to pay attention to the aesthetics of your dorm room. In some cases, you will have to get in touch with a writing service that will write your paper for money. But you should never detach yourself from books. Keep some unnecessary books in your room and read them from time to time.
  • Succulents and fresh flowers can add life and color to your dorm room. If real flowers are not available in your area, you can use fake flowers!
  • You can make your room more cozy and homey by using tapestries. Tapestries are available in many colors and prints. When choosing them, make sure they match the aesthetic of your room.

If you are willing to spend some time and money, you can easily make your dorm room more cozy and comfortable. However, you do not have to make all these changes immediately. Take your time and choose items that match your personal taste.

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