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Key Tips to Remember to Polish Your Nail Like a Pro-Model

Colorful, long nails are what every girl desires. After you dress up, the first thing that hits you is what to do with the nails! Do I paint it at home or should I just visit the salon for a quick manicure? But time constraints might just force you to do it all by yourself. Here are some tips that you can follow to get your nail polished like a professional. Let us have a look at what experts from halal nail polish have to say about it.

Make it neat!

Apply a base coat first, followed by two layers of polish and finally seal it up with a top coat. This will make your lacquer stay put for longer duration. While applying polish, make sure that the coat is thin and you apply the second coat after the first coat dries up. Do not forget to paint the tips.

Glitter is what makes your nail shine

Glitter flecked nail paints is what you need to go with your outfit for a party! If you want to be innovative, after applying a crème polish or a gel polish you can top it up with sequin chips of your choice. Keep in mind to apply the chips when your polish is still wet. Finally cover it up with a top coat.

Nudes and Neon

Nudes are the best choice when you don’t want your nails to draw attention while vibrant neon is exactly what you need when you want your nails to be noticed from a distance. The pink nude goes well with a fair tone while a rich, earthy nude goes with a comparatively darker skin tone. Whereas for neon polishes just go for any color that your heart desires!

Keep your nails healthy and naturally bright

Don’t let your cuticles dry! Try moisturizing it with cuticle oils or vitamin E capsules. For removing dead skins make your own DIY sugar scrub. You can make your own simply by adding organic sugar to honey. Soak a cotton pad with hydrogen peroxide and clean your nail beds often to avoid yellowish stains.

Never skip the base coat

Here is a pro-tip for you to go over while painting your nails. You should never miss out on the base coat which is essential for happy, healthy and long nails. The base coat is also required to hide stains, filling the ridges and preventing the manicure from getting chipped.

Buffing the nails is important

Essential oil build-up in nails can ruin the manicure as well. This is why you should take good care to remove the natural oils with the help of a buffing block. You can make your own buffing block using a standard sponge which should be soft and smooth.

Avoid too much polish

Too much polish is never a good thing. It will take forever to dry. Keep in mind to load enough polish to cover the nail in one single coat. Stripe your nails three times to cover the entire area. The sides and the middle and you are done.

Follow these simple steps to ensure you polish your nail like a pro-model.