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What’s the Difference Between an Engagement Ring and a Wedding Ring?

Ever wondered what’s the difference between the two? You might think that these are both the same but they serve different purposes.

Let’s read about some of the differences.

The Logic of Rings

Let’s go back into the history and see how did the ring become a trend? The tradition of rings goes started several centuries ago. According to history, it was the year 1477 when a ring was first presented by Archduke Maximillian to his beloved.

The ring demonstrates the status, character and quality of the man that she is devoting to. It also has a symbolic aspect with it.

The wedding or engagement rings are something, which are loved and considered as a souvenir that you can cherish forever.

Understanding the Purpose of Engagement & Wedding Ring

Engagement rings are presented at the moment of a proposal for marriage. It is presented with an intention that it is worn by that woman. It also indicates as a label to the world that she is taken and committed to a partner. The ring mostly varies in essence of price and quality based on the type of gemstone it is composed of. Commonly it is worn on the finger next to the pinky on the left hand.

Wedding rings are present among the bride and groom at the day of the wedding. They are as compared to engagement rings much simpler and no special gemstone or diamond is atop of the ring.
These wedding rings are worn by both the bride and groom on their left hand on third finger next to the pinky. Often before the wedding ring is placed, the engagement ring is either removed or placed on the right hand and later on stacked altogether with the wedding ring.

The Ultimate Difference

Now that we have some idea of the basic purpose, let’s focus on the key factors categorizing the differences.

  • Engagement ring is for an early phase of engagement or marriage proposal.
  • It has a dominant stone on the top whether it is a diamond or any other gemstone.
  • Engagement rings are special but optional.
  • Since engagement rings are special they are much more expensive than the wedding rings
  • Wedding ring is usually just a ring made from plain metal or encrusted with a diamond

Engagement and Wedding Ring, Are Both Needed?

Primarily the decision comes down to you based on your budget. But truthfully this question can only be answered by you. Since some women wear their wedding ring along with the engagement ring in a stacked manner, the jewelers design and sell both types of rings like a set where they both match and look stylish when they are worn together. Opting only for a single ring is beneficial considering few keep factors such as

  • Saving Budget and making a bigger investment on a stand out wedding ring.
  • Wearing multiple rings can be irritating or fussy when they are stacked together.
  • There is a great risk of loss if any or both rings are tragically lost.

The search for the Set of Perfect Ring(s)

There are available in an elaborate design and modest ring. The availability of ring designs could spoil you for choices as sky’s the limit when you are making considerations for the appropriate design. But it is highly recommended that enough due diligence must be done to get an idea of what is available in the market. Having someone close to you partner would be much more beneficial before you pull the trigger.

As for the conclusion, there is nothing right or wrong in either having to purchase both or just one. It all depends on both of you, as to what makes a better sense and what seems more important and what are you comfortable with.