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Top Cities For 20-somethings To Live In

Moving out of your childhood home is scary and exciting all at the same time. Depending on what your next adventure is, you might be going to graduate school, starting your first full-time job, or moving in with a roommate just to get out of your parent’s house. No matter what your reasoning is, that 20-something age tends to be more attracted to busy hubs with bars, stores, and nightlife. The suburbs will come in a few years once it’s time to settle down and raise a family, but for now, major cities are the place to be. Below are some of the top spots for those slowly making the move towards adulthood.

New York City

Getting an A+ for nightlife and diversity, NYC is one of the top cities for millennia’s to move to. Known as the city that never sleeps with a population of over 8 million people, you can never get bored in the Big Apple. If you can manage a studio apartment with a view of the Hudson River or even something better than just a brick wall, you’re doing pretty well. Just think about how fun it would be to decorate our new place with trendy hammock swings, FrameMyTV Mirror TVs, rolling minibars, and bean bag chairs. If you’re going to be living in the city, you’ve got to play the part.

Denver, Colorado

Another city that ranks in with an A+ for nightlife and diversity, Denver is on the rise. We can probably attribute some of that popularity to the recent legalization of marijuana, but it was a beautiful place to live even before that. It’s much cheaper to live here and the population is only a little over 660,000. It also ranks in the top healthiest cities to live in America.

Cambridge, Massachusetts

With a small population of only a little over 100,000 residents, Cambridge is a fairly safe city with a ton to do. It’s home to Harvard University, MIT, and a few other major colleges, so you definitely won’t be the only millennial around. It can get pretty pricey due to how many college students and graduate students are renting in the nearby area.

Boston, Massachusetts

Boston is a city of true culture. If you’re going to live here, you’re going to have to get into the Sox games and route against your hometown if necessary. The inner city can get pricey, but it’s worth it if you’re looking to ongoing nightlife and things to do. Boston is also home to many colleges and major companies like HubSpot Inc., Delloite, Wayfair, and Kronos Inc. Hopefully, you won’t struggle to find a lucrative job in a place where so much is happening and then you won’t have too much of a problem affording such an awesome lifestyle.

Washington D.C

The capital isn’t just for government officials and history buffs. The beautiful city is home to many sites, businesses, and other interesting things to do. The list of companies looking for new graduates in DC is lengthy and provides the great opportunity. While you may have visited on a class trip 15 years ago, they probably didn’t show you the nightlife that goes on. Forget what you think you know, and check it out for yourself.

San Francisco, California

A very urban area, San Francisco is home to over 850,000 people. A very expensive area to live, but perfect for millennia’s. It’s actually ranked #2 in best cities for Millennia’s to live in America. It’ also comes in 2nd for the healthiest city in American and #1 for best cities for outdoor activities. If you love exploring the great outdoors, San Francisco may be the perfect spot for you.