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How to Use a Money Clip Wallet

Money clip wallets seem to be gradually taking over from the traditional wallets as more and more people realize their importance. These minimalist wallets, especially the Kinzd money clip wallets, can save you the agony of uncomfortable bulkiness resulting from carrying a large piece of fabric full of all types of paraphernalia that you may think of. However, acquiring this item is not a big deal but the real issue is how to use it. Let’s find out.

Learn the Basics

The first step is to have a full understanding of how to use your money clip wallet. Basically, the money clip is made up of two sections: the main body and the prong. The two parts are the major components of your money clip. In most cases, this product comes with an elastic band, slots or pockets to help you organize your documents. You may use the pockets and slots to keep your credit cards and spare the actual clip to hold your cash.

Organize Your Personal Items

Start with organizing your cash into their respective values or denominations. Start with the bigger bills at the bottom and the smaller ones coming right at the top for your own convenience. This means you will find it easier pulling out the small bills for everyday purchases. When everything is already organized, fold the whole stack in half in readiness for safe keeping.

Slide the stack into your Money Clip Wallet

At this stage, you are knowledgeable enough regarding your money clip. As such, you need to be ready to start putting your bills into the clip. Just before you do that, it is advisable to figure out what you are going to do with your credit cards. Check your money clip well to find out if it has additional pockets or elastic band to hold your cards. If it doesn’t have any of the two features, then you may opt to place the cards at the centre of the folded stack of bills. Then transfer the stack into your wallet by simply securing the clip around it.

Choose a Pocket

Choosing the right pocket for your money clip is not a simple task as you may think. Every pocket has its own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, the ultimate choice of the pocket to place your money clip wallet depends solely on your preference.

Learn how to Pull Money and other Items as Needed

Practice makes perfect hence the need to learn how to slide out bills or cards where necessary. It is only through practice that you will get the whole concept right. On the other hand, you may take out everything from the money clip and carefully select what is needed at that particular moment.


Knowing how to use a money clip wallet should be the first step to take before anything else. With the availability of money clip wallets, you should never think of walking around with uncomfortable bulkiness caused by a traditional wallet in your pocket. Gone are the days of stashing a big wallet into your pockets and walk around without looking funny. Switch to the latest state-of-art money clip wallets and enjoy walking around freely and comfortably.

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