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Take In The Majesty Of Nature’s Greatest Spectacles With A Volcano Tour Of The Big Island

There can be no argument that Hawaii is one of the greatest tourist destinations on the planet. Around 10,420 visitors arrived on the shores of the islands in 2019 and although things have been a little tough on the tourist industry during 2020 due to the regulations and restrictions caused by the Coronavirus, the tourist industry is back on track. 

Tourists flock to Hawaii for numerous reasons. The culture, the history of the island archipelago, incredible resort experiences and the great authentic food being only a few of those – but if there is one thing that powers Hawaii’s tourism industry it is the simply breathtaking natural worders of the islands. 

A clear, warm sparkling sea welcomes those who would escape the shining sun. Powder white sands beg visitors to simply lay back and recharge tired mental and physical batteries, incredible sunsets bring each day to a close, the scent of floral wonder wafts over the entire island chain and rich, green jungles beg for exploration. However, there is one spectacle in Hawaii that humbles others in terms of sheer majesty and a demonstration of Mother nature’s power – and that is the spectacle of the volcanoes that are part and parcel of the island life. 

For those who are visiting the ‘Big Island’ in Hawaii the opportunity to take part in one of the incredible Big Island Volcano Tour should be high on any Hawaii Bucket List.

There are six volcanoes on the Big Island, Mahukona, Kohala, Mauna Kea, Hualalai, Mauna Loa and Kilauea and each of these is worthy of exploration. Two of the most impressive can be found in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park – Kilauea and Mauna Loa. Kilauea is known as the world’s most active volcano and whether it is in the process of actively erupting or is simply providing the spectacle of oozing highways of red hot lava it is awe-inspiring.

One of the best ways to view Kilauea (and in fact any of the Big Island’s volcanoes) is to engage the services of a tour company that specializes in visiting these natural wonders in the evening as the sun is setting. However, a volcano tour like this offers so much more than simply the possibility of viewing one of nature’s most impressive spectacles of fire.

Tour operators go that extra mile to ensure that visitors also get to experience some of the other wonders in the area that surrounds Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

Tours can take in visits to the world-famous Kona coffee plantation and viewing giant sea turtles on the incredible black sand beaches of Punaluʻu. There are also vineyards where visitors can enjoy a glass of wine and a wonderful meal in the shadow of the volcano. Fully qualified and highly informed guides will transform the experience from one that is awe-inspiring to one that also combines education into the mysteries and wonders of these magnificent island attractions. 

Hikers can also explore the rainforest of the Kilauea Iki Crater and the Thurston Lava Tube. For those who want an unforgettable photographic record of their experience, there are also tours that take visitors off the beaten track to areas that are not on the usual tourist track.

For those who want a bird’s eye view of the volcanic activity, there is also the option of booking a helicopter excursion over the volcanoes. 

Whatever you choose – a trip to view the magnificence of the volcanoes on Big Island is an experience that will live on long after you leave the magical shores of this island paradise.