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Why Should You Consider Getting a Hair Transplant?

In today’s society, appearance is very important. A person should always look their best when going on job interviews, first dates, meeting the parents, etc. Your hair is usually one of the first things people notice about you. 

Unfortunately for many people, their hair begins thinning around age 30. For those, hair transplant surgery should definitely be top of mind. 

Who are hair transplants for? 

Anyone can get hair transplants. Luckily, they are for men and women even though as a society, we normally only talk about men receiving them. Women who have receding hairlines or other balding of any kind can also receive hair transplants. 

Either way, male or female, you could be a candidate for hair transplant surgery and recovery time is pretty quick and painless. The best part is, it’s possible no one will even notice you’ve had the surgery until your hair reaches its full potential in approximately three to six months. 

You can focus on other things

Instead of focusing on how you’re going to cover bald spots on your head, you can shift your focus to what outfit you’re going to wear or the makeup you choose. Having a full head of hair is a real confidence booster. It may also help you with depression and other anxiety related issues you may have. Instead of covering up or making sure your hair is in one particular style, you can be free to live your life. 

Also, the money you spend on wigs, toupees, hair pieces or extensions, etc can now be spent on other things such as clothes, make up, outings, or bills. By the time you buy these other hair products, the time to put them in and the maintenance they require is exhausting. Plus, you’ve spent so much money on them. Yes. Hair transplant surgery can get rather costly, but it’s a much better investment than spending hours at the hair store and making sure your wig, toupee, extensions, etc doesn’t look ratty, old, or unnatural. 

There are financing options you can go over with your surgeon after making an appointment. 

It’s your hair

The hair that grows from your head after having a transplant surgery is your hair! Your body will produce hair from your scalp that you can style as you please. Wash it, cut it, pull it up, leave it down…the possibilities are endless with a head full of your own hair!

The process can be lengthy and probably tiresome at some points because you won’t see results immediately. The transplanted hair will probably fall out after six weeks of the initial surgery, but that’s what it is supposed to do. No worries! The hair that grows back after that is yours to keep! There’s nothing better than being able to run your hands through a head full of your own hair! 


Some people may ask, “How does a hair transplant work?”

There are two main surgeries to choose from. Follicular Unit Excision and Follicular Unit Transplant. Both are great options, but have their own pros and cons as with anything else. FUE doesn’t require any part of your head to be shaved as a surgeon will take a special tool  and move small grafts of skin from one portion of the scalp to another. FUT is a little more invasive and could require a portion of the scalp, usually the lower part, be shaved so that it’s easier to be removed and transplanted elsewhere. 

Both surgeries require minimal downtime and the patient is usually up moving and doing regular activities the next day. However, with FUT, because there is actual surgery involved there may be some scarring and swelling. This is normal and shouldn’t last very long. 

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