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5 Steps to Achieving Rose Gold Hair Color on Brown Hair

The rose gold hair trend has been popular in current years. It’s a stunning and unique shade that hints at sophistication to any hairstyle.

Achieving this hair shade on brown hair may additionally appear like a daunting task; however, it’s possible with the proper tools and techniques.

In this step-by-step guide, we will guide you through achieving rose gold hair color on brown hair. So before your hair gets dry waiting, let’s get started!


This beautiful hair color combines the smooth pink tone of rose gold with the classic beauty of blonde hair, creating a lovely and unique look on your hair. But attaining this hair color can seem daunting if you’re not a professional.

Fortunately, with the right advice, achieving rose gold shades, including pastel rose gold, is much simpler than you would think. Let us understand the five easy steps to gain rose gold hair color and make your hair goals a true.

Step 1: Lightening the hair

The initial step in achieving rose gold hair color on brown hair is to lighten your hair. This is important because the rose gold shade is an aggregate of pink and gold tones, which will not be displayed on dark brown hair.

To lighten your hair, you may use bleach or excessive-lit hair color.  When lightening your hair, it is critical to abide by the instructions on the product cautiously. The time you leave the product to your hair will depend upon the extent of life you need to acquire.

Applying a hair conditioner after lightening is also crucial to prevent dry hair and damage.

Step 2: Toning the hair

Once you have lightened your hair to the desired stage, the next step is to tone it. Toning enables to neutralization of any unwanted brassy tones and prepares your hair for the rose gold hair dye.

To tone your hair, you could use a purple or blue toner, relying on the undertones of your hair. It’s important to leave the toner to your hair for the recommended time to avoid over-toning.

Step 3: Mixing the rose gold hair color

You may want to combine a pink and gold shade of hair dye to obtain the rose gold hair shade.

Mixing rose gold hair shade requires cautious measurement and combining to gain the desired color. Here are the best tips and tricks on the way to mix rose gold hair shade:

  • Start with a small amount: Mixing hair color is like baking; you must measure and blend the components exactly. To avoid wasting your hair color, begin with a small amount of dye and developer.
  • Use the right developer: The developer is an important part of the hair color mixture that helps prompt the shade pigments. For rose gold hair coloration, use a 20-extent developer for first-class results.
  • Measure precisely: Use a measuring cup and scale to measure the hair color and developer. Follow the producer’s advice on hair color packaging for the best proportions.
  • Mix thoroughly: Once you have measured the hair shade and developer, pour them into a non-steel bowl and mix well with a tint brush. Make sure there are no lumps or uneven colors.
  • Strand test: Before making use of the hair color for your whole head, carry out a strand, take a look at it to test the color, and ensure it is the shade you desire.

It’s important to wear gloves and protect your clothing while blending and applying the hair dye to avoid staining.

Step 4: Applying the rose gold hair color

The next step is applying rose gold hair dye to your hair. Section your hair into small sections and apply the hair dye using a broom. It’s crucial to use the dye evenly to avoid patchiness. If you need subtle rose gold highlights, you can apply the dye only to certain sections of your hair.

After applying the hair dye, leave it on for the recommended time. This will typically be around 30 minutes. Rinse the dye thoroughly, and then apply a conditioner to your hair.

Step 5: Maintaining the rose gold hair color

To maintain your rose gold hair color, it’s essential to apply color-safe shampoo and conditioner. These products will help prolong the color’s existence and prevent fading. It’s also crucial to avoid exposing your hair to heat, which can cause the color to vanish quicker.

To save you from dryness, it’s important to use a deep conditioning remedy frequently. This will assist in maintaining your hair hydrated and healthy.

Final Thoughts

Achieving rose-brown hair is a lovely way to level-up up your hairstyle and add a touch of sophistication. You can acquire this lovely color at home by following the steps in this guide.

Remember to take precautions when using lightening and hair dye products and comply with the instructions carefully. With proper protection, you could enjoy rose gold hair coloration for weeks.

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