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What is Coq10 and why will it Help Me

Something that’s been discussed a lot recently is vitamin supplements and what they can do for your health. One particular supplement has stood head and shoulders above the others, and that is CoQ10. This vitamin-like compound can really help out those of us who are getting around middle age, or are recovering from some physical injury. The reasons that this particular supplement is so great for people like me are really very fascinating. Join me as we discuss CoQ10, mitochondria, and why these subjects are so important for your health, especially as we age. Please read ahead in my following article titled What is CoQ10 and why will it help me?

CoQ10 is in almost every cell of your body, and we produce this enzyme naturally. Free radicals are broken down and destroyed by antioxidants, helping to stop cell damage before it occurs. Free radicals are natural by-products of some cellular reactions, but things like an excessive amount of alcohol and smoking can cause free radicals to cause damage, and this can be bad news for your body. When there are too many free radicals floating around, these highly reactive entities damage the healthy parts of your body they are available involved with. When free radicals have contact with DNA, they’ll damage it, even causing mutations that result in cancer. Free radicals even have a job in heart condition, stroke, arthritis, alcoholic liver damage, and even the aging process.

Mitochondrial dysfunction is related to metabolic alterations in various disease states, including major trauma like a significant burn injury, or heart attacks and strokes. CoQ10 is an important cofactor for mitochondrial electron transport, and its reduced form acts as a lipophilic antioxidant. In some burn and heart attack victims there has been noted mitochondrial dysfunction including enlargement, loss of structure and oxidative stress and disruption of mitochondrial integrity. All of those problems were shown significant improvement by CoQ10 treatment and also the data showed CoQ10 as a robust new strategy to stop mitochondrial damage and metabolic dysfunction in these burn patients.

Mitochondria are actually very fascinating, and keeping them happy might play an important role in our energy output and general wellbeing. This can be where COQ10 comes in. COQ10 is that the primary antioxidant the human cell provides to safeguard and support mitochondria. Mitochondria are small, often between 0.75 and three micrometers and aren’t visible under the microscope unless they’re stained. Although most of our DNA is kept within the nucleus of every cell, mitochondria have their own set of DNA. Although the best-known role of mitochondria is energy production, they do other important tasks similarly. Mitochondria convert energy from the food we eat, and are an energy form that the cell can use. This process is termed an organic process. As you’ll see, there are several important reasons we must always be supplementing our mitochondria, and helping them do their essential job in our energy production.

Not all CoQ10 supplements possess the same efficacy. CoQ10 comes in two different forms—ubiquinol and ubiquinone. CoQ10 is a somewhat big fat-soluble molecule which should be taken with foods containing fat or possibly oil. Only a small amount of CoQ10 actually makes it inside our mitochondria due to their impermeable membranes. However, there are certain brands of CoQ10 supplements that have a secret ingredient that allows them to be better absorbed than the standard CoQ10 supplement. You can find these special CoQ10 supplements online or in your local health foods or natural remedies store. I really can’t recommend trying a Coq10 supplement enough, they have truly done wonders for me and my energy levels.