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9 Popular Tourist Attractions to Visit in Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is one of India’s northernmost states, situated in the northwest area of the wonderful Himalayas and it stands out as India’s outdoor exploration playground via its diverse topography, some coldest place in India, and eye-catching natural beauty. Himachal Tourism was at first restricted to only a few pilgrims who were permitted to take a trip to spiritual destinations between the villages, till the British established their series of hill stations, which endorsed access and travel in the region. Himachal Tourism in fact received an additional boost in 1894 when the British confirmed Shimla as “The Summer Capital of India”.
If you are thinking about the places to visit in Himachal Pradesh this vacation, then make sure that you include the following destinations in your list:

  • Shimla


It is known as the summer capital of India and is the capital of this state. The city spreads out down a mountain ridge, surrounded in rhododendron, pine and oak forests. It is quite famous for its historic railway and colonial style buildings. The old Christ Church, with its stunning stained glass windows is one of Shimla’s most well-known landmarks. Another important landmark on Observatory Hill is the Viceregal Lodge. You can witness these while on an historic walking excursion of Shimla. In addition, lots of short hikes and adventure sports are on offer in the neighbourhood as well. There are several restaurants as well in Shimla that offers local delicacies as well as Indian cuisine.

  • Kasauli – The Gateway to Himachal

Bordering Haryana and Punjab, this is a favourite destination for people who want a fast weekend escape from city life. A perfect destination for a trip with friends and family, Kasauli is the perfect destination if you want to relax for a while in the middle of nature. It is not about specific activities or locations and it is just about being at a place to calm down. Watch the setting and rising sun from sunset and sunrise point here. The best time to visit this place is from November to March.

  • Kasol

When it comes to finding a destination that is tranquil, gorgeous, adventurous, then Kasol is the place to be in. Kasol is well-known for a range of reasons, the essential being the kind of tranquil beauty that surrounds the city laying in the Parvati Valley in addition to the activities you can do here.

This picturesque small town in Himachal Pradesh is situated on the banks of the Parvati River and has maintained a level of perfect beauty through the years, the kind that entices people not just from India, but also from several different corners of the world. The reason Kasol is preferred among others is that it caters to everyone. Be it the ones coming for camping, trekking, sightseeing, rafting, parties, or seeking spiritual beginning, Kasol never dissatisfies anyone.

  • Dharamsala and MacLeod Ganj


The towns of MacLeod Ganj and Dharamsala are place to the exiled Tibetan Government. The Dalai Lama lives in Dharamsala and a number of Tibetans who are his followers are settled there. You can also find a strong Tibetan impact in the area, with culture being the main appeal. Tourists visit Dharamsala and MacLeod Ganj to carry out Tibetan cooking classes, Buddhist meditation and philosophy courses, Tibetan language courses, and to get alternative therapies.

  • Dalhousie

This is the best place for the couples in love and who are eager to visit a place with comfortable weather conditions. Referred to as the ‘mini Switzerland of India’, Dalhousie presents the picture of a charming landscape, like a dream destination. Summers (March – May) are comfortable, allowing seeing the sights and outdoor activities. The Monsoons (June – September) are perfect for the couples. October to February are the winter months during which the temperatures reduce to 4 degrees. Snowfalls can be experienced during this time as well.

  • Khajjair

Khajjair deserves special mention as it is often known as the ‘mini-Switzerland’ of India. The attractions of the place will certainly entice you. When here, visit the Khajjair Lake and ground, pray at the Khajji Nag Temple, which is over 1000-year old and take in the views of the Mount Kailash, mythological home of Lord Shiva. The ideal time to visit this place is from May to June.

  • Kinnaur

Kinnaur is well-known for apples and is known as the ‘Land of the Gods’. A blend of Hinduism and Kinnaur is well-known for apples and is known as the ‘Land of the Gods’. A blend of Hinduism and Buddhism can be seen in the culture here and besides the religious importance here, there are nine trekking routes, which begin from here. Apart from the apples, handicrafts and Chilgoza are other things that are well-known here. You can go on a heritage trail where you can discover the Nako Gompa, Kamru Fort or monastery. The eye-catching views of the Nako Lake should force you to spend some time on its shores and then end off by having Tibetan delicacies at a local cafeteria.

  • Spiti

This distant, elevated altitude area of is located away against the perimeter of Tibet and Ladakh. This place still remains relatively undiscovered and it is because a large portion of Spiti is a barren alpine desert that is covered in heavy snow for a vast proportion of the year.

  • Himalayan Golden Triangle (Sojha, Sangla and Thanedhar)

This place attracts outdoor fanatics who want to enjoy the natural beauty away from crowded areas. It starts in the heart of Himachal Pradesh, in Thanedhar. The Sangla Valley is situated 9,000 feet above sea level in Kinnaur District, near to the Tibetan border, and offers trekking and trout fishing. You can also visit Chitkul village, the last township on the old Indo-Tibetan trade route. Sojha connects the Kullu and Shimla districts, and offers more chances to venture into the wild mountainous landscape.

These are some of the must-to-visit places in Himachal Pradesh. When booking Himachal Pradesh package from a reliable tour and travel company, make sure that these above-mentioned places are included in the package.

So, make this vacation more memorable by choosing these amazing places in Himachal Pradesh.