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Signs That Mean Your Fence Needs Repairs

Normally, if you have your fence installed by a respectable and trusted fencing contractors, then it could be expected to last for many years ahead. However, even if your fence is the best, with time and outdoor environmental conditions, it will start to wear out. You can repair some of the damages and some might force you to replace the entire fence, depending on the severity.

Unsure as to whether you need a completely new replacement or a cost-effective repair? Well, below are some of the signs to look out for in order to determine if it needs a repair. If you think you need roof repairs, don’t hesitate to call All County Fence today.

i) Leaning slant

According to, Another sign that you need to conduct a fencing repair is when you notice that it has started to lean on one side or is sagging. Although, this can be easily solved by replacing the affected posts, if any of the posts are damaged, then it can be a sign that your fence has become weak overall. Always best to investigate what and where the main cause of the problem is coming from, post or fence.

Even if you have an aluminium fence which is seen as being durable, it will not mean that is immune to damage. Sometimes the soil around the posts can shift thus distorting your fence alignment. However, in many cases, aluminium fence repair is very simple as you will only be required to add gravel or soil to the affected area. This can make your fence reconditioned by gaining that stability back again.

ii) Discolouration

In case you see gray or yellow stains on your fence, then it implies your wood has been attacked by molds or has started to rot, especially for timber fences. Such a problem can arise especially during the rainy seasons, making your fence grow mould and ultimately turn soft. This will mean that you have to repair your fence probably by using treated timber that is more resistant to mould and rotting effects. If you do not repair your fence, the rot can worsen and make your entire fence to collapse, posing a hazard for you and your family, best to have it sorted immediately before further harm.

iii) Splintering

In case you notice splints and cracks in your wood, then you must know that your fence has become weak and may collapse at any time.

Thus, you need to replace it. Similar to discolouration, it is quite common to have splintering effects as well, as both are signs of heavy wear and tear due to harsh weather conditions.

iv) Insect damage

After having your wooden fence for many years, there is a high likelihood of it being damaged by insects.

You can notice the presence of insects when you see signs of holes and gnawing in your fence. Therefore, it’s important for you to monitor your fence regularly so that you can discover these manifestations in due time before it accumulates. If you are able to discover them early, you can conduct a fence repair, but if you delay you may be forced to replace the entire fence, which can be a lot more expensive than the repair alone as you will need to buy new fencing and arrange an installation with professional fencing specialists.

v) Loose fasteners

Nails and screws can become loose and fall out for a certain period. Although you can replace them, your wood may not withstand the new nails or screw. In case you realize that your fence has become old due to missing or loose fasteners, then it can be useless if you can try to replace them.

In case your fence shows any of the above signs, then you should contact a local fencing company to assist you in fence repair. Getting a licensed company to be the best option as it can easily evaluate the condition of your fence and decide the best possible fencing repair for you.

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