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How to Find a Local Plumber You Can Trust

It can not be easy to find a plumber in Birmingham who you trust, especially if an emergency concerning plumbing occurs. 

You can find a local plumber that you can trust by asking another tradesperson, seeking a trusted company, plumbing trade associations, asking friends and family, searching through directories and rating pages, reading reviews and testimonials, and comparing rates and quotes over the phone. Read on to find out more about how you can find a trustworthy plumber. 

1. Ask another tradesperson

If you have ever had work which was done by any handyman or electrician and if you were happy with their work, you can ask them to recommend a good local plumber for you. In the trades business, people often know each other and there are some instances that they tend to know each other like complex projects. It is of great joy for professionals to work with fellow professionals hence they are likely to recommend someone reliable. 

2. Look for a trusted company

A reputable plumbing service has to be picked over a new plumbing service. The reputation of the company often speaks for itself and you have to pay attention to the opinion of others. 

3. Plumbing Trade Associations

A lot of reputable plumbers are members of a particular trade association. A trade association shows quality and dedication to the craft because they encourage top results deliverance, great customer service, and technical ability focus. It involves more to be a plumber than just the technical ability and doing the job. It also deals with trust, communication, and reliability. A plumber who does not respect your home is of no use. It is required of a good tradesman to provide professional services all around. 

4. Ask friends and family

Friends and family can prove to be another great source of recommendations when it comes to plumbing. This is because there is a high chance that they might have gone through similar plumbing issues and they stand a better chance of recommending a plumber who you can rely on. You have to talk to your neighbors and family for plumbing recommendations. 

5. Search through directories and rating pages

Your chances of finding a good plumber are improved through the process of going through directories and rating pages. There are few chances of you finding a bad plumber on this list. In your quest, make sure to look for an authentic plumber. Do not make a rush decision unless you are in an emergency, calm down and pick the best one. 

6. Read reviews and testimonials

A lot of advertisements say that the best service is gotten for the best price which is not always the case. The ads can be important but they do not always mean that your home is secure and in good hands. Spare some time and evaluate the reviews and testimonials which are found on the particular website. Make sure to always look for authenticity and honesty. 

7. Compare rates and collect quotes over the phone

This is the case with many services, comparisons have to be made in terms of the costs and the perks of the service. When the job is more complex, it only implies that there will be more quotes needed and you need to ask more questions. the specific requirements of a particular situation, you might be given a quote over the phone or when a survey is done. Keep an eye for suspicious low rates. Plumbers who know their worth can not give very low rates. A low charge will only show a lack of knowledge and specialized licenses. Make sure you also pay attention to the charges that are made for extra work. 

The Benefits of Finding a Reputable Plumber

Local plumbers tend to have a better understanding of the needs of the local plumbing situations because they are familiar with the hardware stores, parking situation, and the local directives. 

Local plumbers do well with short notice appointments and one-stop-shop services since they can come to the rescue very quickly and a full package service will be offered by them, starting from diagnosis of the problem to finding materials needed for the job and getting the job done. 

A good plumber will offer you advice on how to prevent a similar situation from occurring again in the future. They can give you great recommendations on how your bathrooms and plumbing installations can be kept in good shape. You get more for the money that you offer. 

Getting a local plumber who you can trust only implies that you are also supporting a local company which is a very good thing as it greatly contributes to the economy. 

How to Avoid Common Plumbing Scams

Unfortunately, there are a lot of bad plumbers or people that are not plumbers at all out there who just eat people’s money. You surely don’t wanna be one of the people being victim to these scammers, it is highly recommended that you follow some of these guidelines below: 

Seek identification, insurance, and license proof. 

  • Make inquiries on the address of the company, telephone number, opening hours, and email address. 
  • Always ask for a receipt, make sure your business is not done in the dark, or under the table. 
  • Keep an eye for door-to-door plumbers. 
  • You have the right to ask for details about the work
  • Do not at any instance place your signature on blank documents, or any vague contract.

A good plumber is known for his/her dedication to the craft, is always someone professional, and trustworthy. For your family’s safety and comfort, quality is of paramount importance. Spare some time and do wide research about plumbing companies and be careful of your choice. 


It is important to get a good plumber and someone you can trust to do the same job in the future if similar cases arise. Remember, you can find a good plumber that you can trust by asking another tradesperson, asking friends and family, searching through directories and rating pages, seeking a trusted company, plumbing trade associations, reading reviews and testimonials, and comparing rates and quotes over the phone.