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Advantages of Cloud Computing

The cloud computing revolution has taken the business world by storm. This technology has been evolving over the past 20 years, and now offers a variety of value-added benefits for business organization that cannot be downplayed without of bad faith. This can include significantly improving business efficiency, delivering substantial cost savings in executing core business functions and even furnishing companies with a competitive edge. Now more than ever, businesses are increasingly leveraging on cloud consulting services to remain one step ahead of their competitors.

Also, according to findings from a Dell study, organizations, which have invested on the cloud are now achieving as much as 53% of rapid growth when compared to those who haven’t.

Besides the numerous advantages the cloud may deliver, many businesses are now making use of such technology to be in a better position of running their core operations more efficiently. While at the same time, also leveraging cloud computing to serve their clients better and even exponentially improve their profitability. As a businessowner, failing to jump on cloud bandwagon might result in your company eventually losing its relevance, and in the extreme, running out of business.

On the other hand, there hasn’t been a better time to ride on the cloud computing wave. With the increasing reliance on data usage in today’s digital sphere, both private persons and companies are finding it hard to store their essential data, applications and systems in onsite servers. One of the most distinctive features of cloud computing is it operates exclusively on the web. This certainly means users are always capable of accessing and storing all information they use on the cloud rather than their own devices. For organizations which have to access and process huge amounts of data securely, the cloud is a veritable godsend. Best of all, cloud computing enables instantaneous access for users to view and share information with other approved users anywhere and at any given time. Here then are some of the most notable advantages of cloud computing for business organizations.

1. Cloud computing can help your business realize significant cost savings

When assessing the real worth of the cloud, it is essential to think well beyond the initial cost and focus more on the ROI it may deliver. When on the cloud, you and your team can enjoy hassle-free access to all your enterprise’s data. In turn, this will save you both time and money in efficiently carrying out your day to day business functions. Additionally, many Managed IT Services West Palm Beach providers offer these solutions on a pay-as-you-go price model. This implies you will only have to foot the bill for the exact resources you utilize including storage space. Over the passage of time, this can translate to substantial reductions in operational costs and much higher returns.

2. Cloud computing delivers more flexibility for businesses

As you may probably know, companies have a finite amount of focus to allot to all their responsibilities. Should your business’ IT requirements demand that you increasingly focus on computer-associated concerns including data storage, you will quickly find out you won’t have enough time to focus on your business objectives and serving clients better. On the flipside, by delegating your firm’s IT needs to a 3rd party who will handle hosting and infrastructure, you will have infinitely more time to focus on your company’s core functions. In turn, this may directly and positively influence your bottom line. As such, cloud computing delivers much more flexibility when contrasted with relying on an in-house server. Further, should you wish to scale up or down, a cloud-based solution will intuitively meet your changing needs immediately. This is a stark contrast from taking the onsite server route that necessitates complex and expensive upgrades to your IT infrastructure. This uncommon flexibility of the cloud will effortlessly streamline the efficiency of your business operations.

3. Cloud computing optimizes collaboration

There is no logic in having a team if your team cannot work as a team, and this is where the cloud comes into play. Generally speaking, cloud computing simplifies the collaboration process. With the cloud, your team members will be able to work seamlessly together from anywhere, at any time or even via any device. Even better, some cloud services providers now provide collaborative social spaces that can link your employees across your whole organization, which boosts interest and engagement. Granted, you may achieve collaboration without the cloud. However, it will never be as stress-free, convenient and effective.

4. Cloud computing facilitates for hassle-free disaster recovery

Control is one of the major factors which profoundly influence the overall success of businesses. Sadly, there will always be certain factors which can be beyond your control in business including downtime. According to, even a short unproductive downtime can lead to lost business and negatively influence your brand reputation. Cloud computing delivers rapid data recovery in all manner of emergencies including natural disasters, cyberattacks or even power failure. This ensures business continuity that will greatly impact your bottom line.