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Give Your Clients the Perfect Post-Workout with Fascial Stretch Therapy

If you’re a trainer or a fitness instructor, you know that your clients need a full stretch after a workout in order to enhance flexibility, reduce muscle tension, and to benefit properly from all of their hard work.

You might have clients who complain about:

  • Low back discomfort
  • Knee pain
  • Upper body pain

A deep, guided stretch can help with several types of pain an individual may be experiencing, and it can be particularly beneficial if someone has had an injury in the past and they want to focus on healing.

To give a complete stretch workout help your clients achieve flexibility, performance, mobility, and pain by facilitating Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) with any kind of yoga or fitness mat and massage table.

FST is an assisted stretching program that improves the mobility of nerves and the flexibility of muscles in the body by focusing on the fascial lines that connect through and wrap around nerves, muscles, organs, and almost everything else in the body.

You can learn more about fascial stretch therapy from Sarah Mariano — an FST clinic in Toronto, Ontario that offers relaxing and soothing FST sessions.

The professional and certified Sarah Mariano stretch therapists can help you feel your best self while demonstrating ways in which you can strengthen your own clients.

Consider how you can use FST on your clients after a strenuous workout. Proper FST can help individuals manage pain as well as ease tension caused by injuries. Your clients will be thanking you for a long time to come when you introduce FST into their lives!

How Does FST Work?

The stretches work deep into the tissues of the body, concentrating on the fascia, to help relieve tension. FST therapists initiate a number of movement patterns and use traction to open up joint spaces and this allows for an increased range of motion throughout the duration of the stretch.

The techniques are designed to increase feelings of relaxation, and as treatment ensues clients will often fall into a Zen-like state of relaxation.

Fascial Stretch Therapy is Painless

FST does not involve any sort of pain. During an FST session, a client can expect to experience a system of assisted mobility and stretching movements. Sessions are always one-on-one and as a fitness trainer, always ask what the client’s exact needs are.

Clients relax as mobilizations are conducted on joints and limbs. An FST therapist will gently move legs, arms, and torso in ways that cannot be done without assistance.

Clients will Feel Lighter and Longer

Clients will often feel an immediate sense of deep relaxation after an FST session, as well as an overall feeling of lightness and stronger mobility. With regular visits, FST provides individuals greater balance and stability, a decrease in stress and anxiety, and faster recovery periods after an injury.

FST is the perfect way to stretch the entire body after a hard workout, and not only that, clients will leave with feelings of blissful relaxation.

Contact your expert Fascial Stretch Therapists in Toronto for more information!