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How to Choose Between the DeWalt 779 vs 780 Miter Saw

These two miter saws, by quality power tool manufacturer DeWalt, are very similar. This, therefore, makes it pretty difficult to choose between the two.

The main difference between the dewalt miter saw 779 and 780 is the fact that the DWS780 comes equipped with an LED cutline light – DeWalt’s version of a laser cutting mark. It works by displaying a shadow to show where the blade will cut through your work piece.

However, third party lights can easily be bought online and attached to any miter saw to basically provide this same feature.

Another slight difference is the weight of the two miter saws. The DWS779 is heavier than the DSW780 – but only very slightly. The difference is not really enough for you to notice when transporting the saws from job to job.

Other than the addition of an LED light on the DWS780 and the fact that it is ever so slightly lighter than the DWS779, both miter saws are the same. Closer inspection of each of their respective instruction manuals confirms this.

What they do both come with though is an ability to double bevel which means the work piece stays in place whilst moving the saw and so provides you with greater accuracy as you do not need to readjust and clamp it down when working on it.

A 15 amp motor powers both miter saws. The cutting blade of each is belt driven. These two facts mean that they are both able to easily cut through the toughest of materials.

Both the DWS779 and the DWS780 come fitted with a dust port that DeWalt claim is capable of collecting over 75% of all the debris and dust generated by the respective saws.

Each of the miter saws do come ready to use as soon as you get them from out of their box. They do not require any adjustment to the cutting blade to ensure its accuracy which means they can be put to immediate use.

However, we do always recommend that you check the cutting blades accuracy before use, particularly when cutting through crown molding which can be expensive.

Some slight grievances we have with these models is that their fences are known to easily warp. Before use, we advise you to check for this. Similarly, it is true that the base is not always square. Again, we recommend you check this before use.

Based on their slight differences, we would suggest that you choose the DeWalt DWS779. This is solely because, although the DWS780 does comes with the LED cutting light as standard, the DWS779 is cheaper.

Even if you do require this useful function, it can easily be obtained by purchasing a light attachment online at a fraction of the price difference between the two miter saws.

The DSW779 is armed with all the power a home DIYer or professional tradesman would ever require, as well as providing the operator with an extremely high level of accuracy.

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