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What Are The Most Secure Instant Messengers?

Nowadays the need for a very useful tool that will give us the opportunity to communicate is essential. We all have friends and family living and working abroad and we definitely need a messaging tool that will narrow the distance between the two sides. One such application would be also a useful way to allow us to coordinate and reach our colleagues (in the office and away) so that we could be more focused on our daily working routine. Calculating a lot of factors I have made a list of such tools that would easily be described as useful.


Brosix is an instant messaging tool that also provides the user with very helpful features to facilitate their agenda. This application is very famous for the strong 256 bit encryption it provides among the people working in the field of insurance and health care where personal data needs to be highly protected. Another side of the strong security is that with Brosix, you get your own and unique network number which you and your colleagues use to log in.

Another aspect of Brosix, as I mentioned before, is the set of features. In the following list you will find some of them which according to my personal opinion are beneficial:

  • Whiteboard: As a fan of the brain-storming, I really like that feature, namely because people allow themselves to think outside the box.
  • Video call: Nowadays in the rush to finish everything on time we do not have time to type every single detail in a message. That is why you can directly reach the person and have a clear video conversation.
  • Send a screen-shot: With just one click to take it and one to send it, it has never been that easy to send a certain detail once again to mention securely
  • Screen-sharing: A very useful feature that many people use to train trainees in their company. With it, you literally can use the computer of the colleague and show them, for example, where the files with documents are.

Finally, let me just mention that the prices start from $4,00.


Slack has been launched recently in 2013. Since then, it has been used by small and large companies as an instant messenger. Since 2015 they have been using two-factor authentication due to hack earlier that year. In the end, hackers and Slack has compromised and in returned the personal information of the users.

Some of the features they are popular with are:

  • Messenger – You can reach a lot of people in the same time and also have a private one-to-one conversation or a small-group-based one.
  • Custom emoji – In a world where everything could be expressed with just an emoji, having one with your face in it is fun.
  • Reminders – Being busy with all the stuff we do in the office, it is always good to have a reminder for a very important chat with someone.
  • With Slack you can have Private channels where you can discuss very important information,
  • Public channels where all of the participants can take part and direct messages.

You can freely use Slack where the prices per user per month start from $6,67.


Many people nowadays recognize Viber as a funny way to reach a contact. With all these stickers and different varieties of backgrounds, Viber has stolen our hearts. It is used by individuals for personal and for business matters.

Viber is mainly famous for its features like :

  • Chat – easy and simple way to chat
  • Free calls – you can call anybody in your contact list as long as both sides have an internet connection.
  • Sharing a contact – you can send a contact of yours to anybody in your list
  • Not to mention that Viber is highly secured for a free application that can be used either on a phone or computer.


Messenger by Facebook is the equivalent of the manna. We all use it and love it because it is fun. This application can be used for personal and business communication as it is based on peer-to-peer transfer which means that only the receiver and the sender have information about the message. Very popular among young people Messenger may sometimes play not that positive role as sometimes, especially in the office people get distracted by it.

The features it is famous for are almost the same as Viber`s.


Telegram is a free messenger which provides high security for its users and it is cloud based. Telegram is a fun way to reach and meet new people and can be used on mobile, desktop and tablet devices. The main reasons why it so important for personal and business communication are:

  • You can send any types of files.
  • You can use it at one time on many devices.

All in all, the options are many ( thanks to the technical improvement) but what we do need is a secure and instant messenger so that we can send files, messages and information to friends and users. Security is not only highly needed in business, it is essential for the standard person. Grab your phone, tablet or computer and choose the best option for you.