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Remedies for Hair Breakage

Voluminous hair is beautiful. It is every person’s dream to have hair with volume as opposed to patchy and thin hair. It is worth noting that for you to maintain healthy hair, you need to put in the work. You need to carry out the best hair maintenance practices to have the type of hair that people would kill for. Hair breakage is something that most people have had to deal with. It is the culprit behind thin unattractive hair. Mitigating the situation early enough is vital as you will be able to save your hair before it is too late. Here are some tips that will help you remedy and prevent hair breakage.

1. Use a heat resistant spray

As much as you are encouraged to keep your hair away from heat, sometimes it may be impossible. Take, for instance, when you are taking a walk at the beach or running errands under direct sunlight. Before you step out, you might want to spray a heat protectant to protect your hair from the sun. Also, if it is possible, you can use hats or scarves to protect your hair from the scorching sun.

2. Use a hair conditioner while washing your hair

Most of the breakage occurs when you are combing your hair, right after washing it. A hair conditioner will not only make your hair less brittle but also easy to comb.

3. Air dry your hair

You are encouraged to air dry your hair as it is weakest when wet. Also, due to rubbing and massaging your scalp, it tends to tangle. You have the option of blow-drying your hair, but heat is not something that you will want to get in contact with your hair at this point. Letting your hair dry naturally will go a long way in minimizing breakage. Also, you can use a dry towel to dry by gently tapping your hair using it. If you are rough, the chance is high that it will also break.

4. Using styling tools with low heat

The point of staying away from styling tools that use heat is emphasized. However, sometimes, you have to use them. Well, if that is the case, you might want to be a bit kind to your hair by applying low heat.

5. Do not use chemicals to style your hair

If you have been using perming procedures to either straighten or curl your hair, you need to find tips that will help you remove hair perm at home. You can find natural alternatives for styling your hair. The chemicals make your hair weak and dry, hence susceptible to breakage.

6. Revise your pantry

We are what we eat. It would also be safe to say that what we eat impacts the health of our hair. If you notice that your hair is breaking more recently, then you should do something about your diet. Several foods will help you grow healthy hair. Take more iron, zinc, folic acid, and nuts. Vitamins are also great for hair, and you should, therefore, consider taking more fruits and vegetables.

7. Avoid stress

Hair loss and breakage have also been linked to stress. Telogen effluvium is a kind of stress that leads to hair loss. What happens is that this type of stress makes the hair follicles dormant. What that means is, hair that is in the middle stage of the hair growth cycle will easily break. Finding healthy ways to manage stress will help you also to maintain healthy hair.

8. Avoid over-shampooing

The smell of the fresh shampoo is always breath taking. This, however, does not mean you should overdo it. Weekly shampooing is okay if you do not have oily skin and excess secretion of sebum. If you do it daily, you will wash away all the natural oils leaving your scalp and hair dry and brittle. As you may well be aware, dry hair breaks easily. If you have to wash your hair daily, you should apply essential oils to get rid of dryness and retain luster.

Hair breakage can be frustrating. It is, however, very possible to mitigate damage. Follow the listed hair maintenance practices, and you will enjoy healthy and strong hair.