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Sip in Style at Miami’s Best Cocktail Bars

When in Miami, it’s time to party – but where to go?

Miami boasts some of the world’s best bars, suitable for every personality. From places to dance the night away to the classic establishments with leather and cigars, you’ll find it in Miami.

Here, we’re exploring the best cocktail bars in Miami and what they have to offer.

The Broken Shaker

Located at the Freehand Hotel on Miami Beach, The Broken Shaker captures the Miami laid back lifestyle with a lush garden vibe, but with a tropical twist. It was a game-changer as one of the first bars in the area to move the party outside.

Giant punch bowls and seasonal drink menus are a dime a dozen at the Broken Shaker while surrounded by bright umbrellas and shady palm trees. It’s the place to be and at the top of everyone’s list.

Sweet Liberty Drinks & Supply Company

Keeping a (somewhat) low-key profile is Sweet Liberty Drinks & Supply Company on the outskirts of town in Collins Park. It’s industrial while still providing the tropical Floridian vibes you’d come to expect from a Miami bar. And even though it’s one of the hottest spots in the area, it continues to maintain a local feel.

It opens early for happy hour drinks after work and stays open late to keep you going until 5 am. Even the kitchen serves food until 4 o’clock! In fact, people who’ve been, say that the food’s just as good as the cocktails.


In the booming arts district of Wynwood is Gramps, complete with drag queens, trivia, and hot wings on the side. Their rotating cocktail menu is made with freshly pressed juice. So, you can just imagine that these drinks are on another level. Their Moscow Mule is considered Miami’s best.

Plus, they’ve got two happy hours to keep the party going and with pizza or garlic knots available to soak up the alcohol, you’ll last all night at Gramps.

Jaguar Sun

Minimalist and totally sleek, Jaguar Sun is unassuming, yet totally modern. Nestled beneath X Miami, a residential building in Downtown, it’s trendy, it’s tropical, and it’s the place to be after hours.

You’ll find large cocktails (shaken by a former Drink bartender) and artisanal small plates (prepared by a former Momofuku chef). The bar holds weekly events like their wine and records night, too. Just don’t be surprised when it’s busy from opening to last call.

The Corner

For this one, we’re talkin’ dimly lit speakeasy vibes. The wooden beams, exposed steel pipes, and jazz music will make you feel like you’ve just stepped back in time about a century at The Corner. Located at the corner (as you may have guessed) of Miami’s 24-hour club scene, it’s a welcome respite for those who want a break from the chaos.

This low-key cocktail bar is often filled with a mixed bag of patrons from locals to tourists and the drink menu itself is just as varied. It’s a place where you can have an intimate conversation while letting the drinks flow into the wee hours of the morning with a kitchen that’s cooking until 5 am.

Ball & Chain

Nestled in the heart of Little Havana is Ball & Chain, a long-standing music venue that’s been open since 1935. It keeps its history alive, proudly honoring the likes of Count Basie and Billie Holiday who are just two of the many icons who played beneath its original pine ceiling.

Now, you’ll still find nightly jazz musicians on one of two stages, perhaps with a local salsa band on the other. Long story short, you won’t come here for a quiet night. Ball & Chain’s green and white awning is still standing tall, welcoming patrons from all over to enjoy their signature cocktails. Try a handcrafted mojito to get the full experience.

Lost Boy

Lost Boy brings the Old West to the tropics of Miami. This two-story cocktail bar features Americana at its finest with a saloon-like feel. Actually, it’s more like an English pub. Wait – but there’s a skull over there. Is this a southwestern bar?

Forget putting Lost Boy into a category. It’s truly in a league of its own, pulling from each of those aforementioned themes – and more. Microbrews, unique spirits, and craft cocktails are on the menu at Lost Boy and you’ll have the chance to wind down over a game of darts or billiard.

Plus, with mismatching chairs, an upright piano, and an endless flow of gin and tonic, Lost Boy provides the perfect atmosphere. You’ll forget you’re in Miami.

Sugar at EAST

Sugar at EAST simply screams luxury. From sky-high views and equally sky-high drink prices, it’s reserved for special occasions. But most say its worth it at least once for the breathtaking skyline you’ll see from the rooftop of Brickell’s EAST Miami.

So, if you’re looking to splurge while lounging in a garden oasis on the 40th floor of a Miami skyscraper, Sugar is where you want to be. But get there early because this cocktail bar gets busy as the night wears on.

Blackbird Ordinary

You’ll find drinks of all different shapes and sizes at Blackbird Ordinary, but it’s certainly a place for friends – not business associates. This indoor/outdoor space gets loud but in the best way. Featuring live music, dark interiors, and a laid-back locals vibe, it’s a favorite among Miami social circles.

Like many other cocktail bars in Miami, Blackbird Ordinary is open until 5 am. So, if you’re in the mood to let loose with your pals as you watch the sunrise, this is a classic bar with a classic mission: To have a good time.

Mama Tried

Mama Tried in Downtown Miami is brought to you by an unlikely group complete with filmmakers, teachers, and even a DJ. There’s a dance floor, disco balls, and touches of velvet which may sound unappealing but – never fear, Mama Tried keeps it classy.

It’s a self-proclaimed upscale dive bar, so take a moment to let that sink in. Stop in for a quick cocktail or spend the whole night playing arcade games while sipping on a Raspberry Beret. It’s open late, there’s a pool table, and you can dance if you want to.

So, whether you’re looking for something classic, trendy, or quirky, you’ll find the perfect spot in Miami. If you’ve been scoping out the city for the day and just can’t decide, drop off your gear and make the rounds!