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Moncler Puffer Jacket Authentication Tips

As the weather gets colder, the fashion lovers around the world think of ways to stay warm while keeping their style. Moncler would be one of the first brands that comes to mind when the winter days approach. The luxury fashion brand, originated from France, is known for its fashionable winter essentials, which include various types of skiwear. Over the years, the counterfeit manufacturers tried to copy Moncler’s signature styles, and the audience has been a great help. This legit check article will share a few tips that should help you spot a replica Moncler puffer jacket.

1. Closely Inspect the Stitching

Inconsistent stitching would be one of the most common flaws found in the unauthorised pieces, especially when it comes to Moncler. Of course, sometimes the Quality Control fails to inspect every little inconsistency that an authentic item might have. However, an abundance of loose threads, double stitching and incorrect patterns would signify that the item is most probably a replica.

2. Do Not Forget About the Badge

The signature Moncler badge would be another important point to consider when carrying out the authentication process. It is often discussed that the replica badges have their logo looking way too thick. This is not always the case; moreover, thick logos can often be found in the retail Moncler jackets. What is important to consider when verifying the badge is the font. Most of the unauthorised jackets have the font not looking curvy enough.

3. See If the Feathers Last

What really does distinct an original Moncler puffer jacket from even the highest-grade replica is the filling. The down of the authentic Moncler jackets is sourced from white geese, and its composition is considered to be the best quality. When we review a replica piece, the quality of the materials speaks for itself. The fake jackets usually feather a lot, and the insulation is not always the greatest; or, on the contrary, the jacket seems to be too hot.

The following link should be useful in case you still have doubts about the authenticity of your Moncler item:

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