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Tips on Planning a Perfect Day by the Pool That the Whole Family Will Love

Summer is officially here! Time to slide into some sandals, break out the cute beach coverups, and head to the pool. But, with current travel limitations due to the coronavirus pandemic, a public pool is out of the question.

Instead, why not invest in a pool and create your own backyard oasis to entertain the family all summer long? Whether it’s a stylish Insta-worthy stock tank pool or an inexpensive inflatable pool, it’s a great way to keep the family busy and to avoid coronavirus anxiety and cabin fever. Here are some fun tips for planning a perfect day by the pool that the whole family will love.

1. Update the Pool Furniture

Instead of unrolling colorful beach towels and blankets on the grass or concrete patio and calling it a day, update the backyard with some more comfortable pool furniture. Add some lounge chairs for catching rays and a conversational set of furniture for sitting around on and chatting.

Take it a step further and find some coverage with a sunshade or awning and turn it into your own private cabana, complete with a refreshment stand and side tables to secure books, chilled drinks in water bottles, and tumblers, and snacks.

When looking for some outdoor furniture and cabana accessories, make sure they’re not only cozy and inviting but built to last too. Consider materials like faux wicker and iron to stand up to everyday elements, as well as to any chlorine or cleaners from the pool.

2. Create a Float Collection

Floats have become quite fun! You can find anything from basic foam noodles to giant inflatable unicorns. Floating lounge chairs are more sophisticated, but what’s the fun in that? Go for the unicorn. Essentially, find anything that floats! Add to the collection extra floating pool accessories like floating drink holders and floating water sprinkles to cool off.

3. Plan Pool Games

Keep everyone entertained and cooled-off with some pool games. Think classics like pool volleyball or water polo—perfect for all ages! Even “Marco Polo” is a family favorite! For smaller kids, instead of hard balls, substitute something like a lightweight beach ball, just in case they get whacked in the face.

There are so many water-based pool games for all ages. For adult-themed games, there’s Hydrapong, a water-friendly ping pong variation, and even drinking-based games like cornhole with floating boards. The possibilities are endless!

4. Race Micro RC Boats

Race micro radio control (RC) boats in your pool! Order a few super-affordable micro RC boats online and see who can zip across the water fastest. Set up an obstacle course with noodles, floats, and beach balls to create a more interesting, exciting race with tight turns and even crashes. Another great idea is to hold races each week, rewarding the winner with a prize.

5. Add a Pool Slide

Don’t just add a pool; create your own backyard water park with a pool slide. Kids, especially, love this addition and can slide for hours on end without getting tired or bored. But even adults love it too! Just be sure to get one that’s tall enough to reach over the side of the pool.

Pools come in many shapes and sizes. If you have a concrete patio, you might want to install it. However, there are other styles that can rest on the lawn as well. One tip: On hot days, be sure to cool it off, or it’s going to burn some cheeks.

6. Underwater Photos and Videos

Capture amazing memories each day by the pool with an underwater camera to take photos and videos. You can buy an affordable disposable underwater camera or even use your smartphone inside a tightly sealed waterproof case. Whether your family and kids prefer spontaneous, candid shots or are camera hogs who will undoubtedly strike a pose, snap away! Don’t forget to capture an underwater group shot of the entire fam!

7. Light Up the Night

Even when the sun goes down, you can still enjoy the pool! String up some lights or add a tropical flair with some Tiki torches around the pool. For cooler nights and cooking hot dogs and s’mores, add a fire bowl to create even more ambiance. This way, you can enjoy the pool even into autumn.

But don’t stop with illuminating just the backyard! You can even find floating pool lights, lanterns, and glowing orbs that change colors and create a fun luminescence and imaginative, swimming atmosphere for the kids. Once you’re done swimming, carry them to the deck as you enjoy a snack and dry off.

8. Add a Pool Heater

The warmth of a bonfire in your fire bowl or fire pit can only do so much. When the weather turns really cold, add a pool heater to take the chill off. If you have a stock tank pool, this is also known as a “hillbilly hot tub.” You could also add a standing outdoor heater or two beneath the cabana to keep the towels toasty.

Adding a pool heater only means you’ll get many more months of use out of it, instead of having to winterize it and cover it or inflate it by the end of September. Trust us—you’ll love it!

Ready to Plan the Perfect Day by the Pool?

To create your own private backyard oasis where you can take a dip in a pool anytime, it helps to plan ahead. Mark a day on the calendar to make the first splash of the season and gather together everything you need—fun pool floats, pool furniture, lighting, and water toys—to complete your setup and keep everyone entertained. Serve up your favorite drinks and follow up the evening with a summer cookout!

Follow these tips on planning a perfect day by the pool that the whole family will love—each and every day of the week! You and your family won’t be disappointed!

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