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7 Essential Things Every Bedroom Needs

Your bedroom is the one room in your house that’s completely yours, or at least half yours. It should be the room where you can go to fully relax, let the stress of the day fade away, and find complete comfort.

When deciding what to put in your bedroom and how to decorate it, comfort and ease are the top priorities. Here are some bedroom essentials that will help transform your bedroom into the perfect sanctuary it should be.

1. Nightstands

Once you’re in your bed, you shouldn’t have to leave it unless it’s absolutely necessary. That’s where a good nightstand comes in. These little bedside tables are perfect for keeping everything you need within an arm’s reach.

Some people opt for a simple nightstand with just enough room for a glass of water, a book, and a glasses case. Others prefer a nightstand with a little more storage room. For those people, a nightstand with two levels or some drawers is a perfect choice.

When choosing the nightstand that’s right for you, think about what you want to put on it. What do you want to be able to reach without getting out of bed? Also, consider whether you’ll have a lamp or other electronics on the nightstand.

Having the right nightstand setup for you makes the difference between staying warm and cozy and venturing out of bed after you’re all tucked in.

2. Bedside Lamps

Are you the kind of person who stares at your phone screen for an hour or so before falling asleep? Do you do that while all the lights are out in your bedroom? Though most of us are aware of the damage staring at our screens does to our eyes and sleep habits, most of us still do it anyway.

Looking for a better bedtime habit? Trying reading a few pages from a book as you drift off to sleep. If reading isn’t your thing, it’s better to stare at your screen with a light on than in complete darkness. So, you’ll need a good bedside lamp.

Small, bedside lamps come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. You can opt for a desk lamp with an adjustable neck so you can get the light just right. Or an aesthetically pleasing lamp that matches the rest of your bedroom decor.

For your partner’s sake, choose a bedside lamp that emits just enough light for you to do your thing without disturbing their sleep.

3. A Nightlight/Noise Machine

Many people find that they can’t sleep in complete darkness and complete silence. If you can, good for you! But if you’re the kind of person that needs a little bit of light and a little bit of sound to fall asleep, you should definitely look into getting a noise machine that also has a nightlight feature.

Noise machines/nightlight combos usually have multiple settings so you can customize your experience. You can choose from different kinds of soothing sounds like wind, rain, ocean sounds, white noise, and nature sounds. Some also let you choose what kind of light you want for the nightlight.

Studies have found that red lights cause the least disruption to our sleep patterns. Blue lights cause the most disruption to our sleep patterns. Yellow and white lights are somewhere in the middle. So, if you’re looking for the best night’s sleep, a red nightlight is your best option.

Finding a noise machine/nightlight combination can lead to the best night’s sleep you didn’t know you were missing.

4. The Perfect Mattress

Getting a good night’s sleep is essential for physical, mental, and emotional health. And a good mattress is essential for getting a good night’s sleep.

A new mattress is expensive, so most people avoid getting one even if they know their current mattress is robbing them of a good night’s sleep. But sleeping on an old, unsupportive mattress is doing you more harm than good. Continuing to sleep on a bad mattress can cause a slew of issues like back pain, stress, an increase in allergies, a weakened immune system, and cognitive issues like trouble with memory and concentration.

It’s better to let your bank account – or your credit card – take the hit now than to continue to sleep on an old, unsupportive mattress.

Check out this mattress buying guide for more information about which new mattress is perfect for you.

5. Luxurious Sheets

A good set of sheets is another costly bedroom essential that many people skip to save their wallets. Like a good mattress, luxurious sheets are worth the money.

You know that feeling of instant comfort and relief you get when you climb into a hotel bed? That has a lot to do with the bedding. The soft, silky, high thread count sheets make you feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud.

That extra level of comfort can make it easier for you to relax, which can lead to a better night’s sleep. Plus, having really nice sheets is a little way to treat yourself right, so it’s basically self-care.

Go get those 400 thread count sheets and luxuriate like the royalty you are.

6. The Right Curtains

Curtains are the key to the quality of natural light in your room. So, getting the right curtains is much more than an aesthetic choice.

If you like to read or work in your room during the day, having light-colored, thin curtains that let soft, natural light shine through will create the perfect atmosphere for getting things done. But if your bedroom is just for sleeping and you love a good afternoon nap, blackout curtains might be the right choice for you.

7. A Full-Length Mirror

There are few things more annoying than when you’re getting ready for a night out and you have to keep running into a different room to peek in a mirror. Every bedroom should have a full-length mirror somewhere in the room so you can check yourself while you dress yourself.

For the most proportional reflection, choose a heavy mirror that’s either mounted on the wall or mounted on a thick base. If you’re not all that concerned with the quality of the reflection, a mirror hung on the back of the door will serve your needs.

Getting the Bedroom Essentials That Work for You

These bedroom essentials will help you create a bedroom that feels like your own personal sanctuary. When looking for each of these items, make sure you find something that fits with your personal style. Your bedroom should be a reflection of you so you feel most comfortable in it.

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