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First Date

Things to Keep in Mind for a First Date

When it comes to first dates there are two main types; first dates where you have never met the person face-to-face before are the first type. This may be a blind date set up by one of your friends or family, or perhaps more common these days is a date you have set up with someone you have met online for example here you can find singles from different ethnicity looking to date. For this type of date, something simple and low pressure can work best. You can also look some funny first date questions which will help you to keep the conversation alive and avoid the awkward moment.

Meeting up for a tea or coffee means that you aren’t invested in staying for the duration of a meal if things don’t go well and is in a nice neutral location. If things do go well though it is easy to transition into something a bit more exciting like a drink at a bar.

The second type of typical first date is with someone you have met in person, are you both want to get to know each other better. You may know them through a friend or through work, but more likely than not you will know a bit about them and their likes and dislikes. This means that you can be a bit more adventurous and may choose a date that you know that you have a shared interest for, such as a gig or event.

For both data types, there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing were to take them.
Not too expensive
Not too expensive: This may work for a few people, but for the majority, something affordable is a better idea than something expensive. Spending a lot of money on a first date may make the other person uncomfortable, especially if they aren’t used to it. It also means that if things don’t go the way you were hoping, you haven’t invested too much in a ate you haven’t enjoyed.
Conversation starters
Conversation starters: It is a great idea to go somewhere that encourages conversation. This may be an event or farmers market for example. In these two options you will be walking around and there will be plenty of things to try and talk about together. This can be lower pressure than sitting at a restaurant face to face with nothing to talk about.
Interesting: Rather than make your date the same as every other date you have been on, choosing something a little bit different can make a big difference. It doesn’t need to be anything crazy, but something like mini-golf can be a fun and interesting date that gets makes the date that little bit more memorable.

Taking these tips, here a few other suggestions for your first date

Trivia night: This may be a quiz at a bar for example. This gives you lots to talk about and you can have fun trying to work out the answers!

Museum: Again, there are lots to talk about and you can show a bit of your personality if you have a hobby or interest in the exhibition.

Picnic: This is a classic date and is a little more special than just going out for food. You can go and buy and prepare the food together, and then go somewhere with a nice backdrop that is much more memorable than the bar down the road.