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The Best Spiritual Places in the World to Visit for Healing

Taking free online spiritual healing courses can be one of the best ways to start your journey towards mental and physical healing and wellbeing. The truth is that visiting new locations and stepping away from constant pressure and challenges can also be very helpful. Which does bring you the question, which are the best spiritual places that you should visit to continue your healing process?

Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat has a long history when it comes to religion, spirituality and cosmic connectivity. Going to Angkor Wat is like stepping into the past and exploring the history of this region. It’s also a great place where you can relax and unwind all the time.

Macchu Picchu

Macchu Picchu is remote, it’s away from civilization, yet still one of the best places to connect with your spiritual self. Plus, there’s a lot to learn about history here, and you will find it incredibly interesting to see all the remains of old civilizations.


Stonehenge might have an unknown origin, but it’s a sight to behold and a place of silence as well. The burial sites found nearby add to Stonehenge being a spiritual site, and many consider it to be a power place. That means it generates energy and it has stellar healing properties. That makes it unlike anything else out there.

Mt Athos

Mt Athos is also a remote location, but the truth is that it has 20 monk communities exist and communicate with God. The place itself is very interesting, the vistas are astounding, and the fact that it’s remote makes it great for healing and stepping away from society for a change.


Uluru in Australia has a lot of spiritual significance for the aborigines. It’s more than just a simple landmark, and you will be extremely impressed with the peace and quiet found near it. That makes it a great place to contemplate about yourself, your future and start your healing process.

Sanctuary of Apollo

The Sanctuary of Apollo is a sacred site, revered by a lot of people and appreciated for its mental healing properties. Once you visit the Sanctuary of Apollo, you will start thinking clearly, while removing negativity from your life. It’s just an amazing place to visit, and one that a lot of people will cherish and enjoy.


Taking some free online spiritual healing courses can help kickstart your journey to start healing and eliminate issues from your life. If you go ahead and visit some of the places listed above, this will help take the entire process to new heights. It’s definitely not an easy thing to start focusing more on yourself and healing. Yet once you start doing it, everything will flow naturally and you can finally see the difference. If you are dealing with lots of negative feelings, can’t concentrate properly or you just feel hurt by others, take free online spiritual healing courses and you will see how much they can help. Everything is possible, you can start healing, all you need is to initiate the process and stick to it as you reach its fruition!