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Know About Chinese Commercial Induction Cooker Industry

It may be easy to find suppliers online, and it may be difficult to find the source manufacturers and understand the industry information within China. In particular, how do I know if the supplier I want to work with is under quality control?

In order to help you better understand the product quality control information of the commercial induction cooker made in China, we have written this article.

A misconception of “Made in China”: only poor quality products

For many people in Europe and the United States, the “Made in China” label has become synonymous with low cost and low quality. But people really like Chinese products. It’s really a fascinating presence.

Actually, this is not “the place of manufacture”, but “the way of manufacture”. If you don’t just focus on negative news, you will find that many Chinese factories can make high-quality products, and China today is like Japan of yesterday.

As China’s manufacturing industry matures and labor costs rise, many large and medium-sized factories have improved their production processes, quality control, and worker training, and focused on improving quality to skip the waste of raw materials and Increased labor costs.

What do you know about China’s “commercial” grade induction cooker?

In fact, the commercial induction cooker is the latest invention of a new type of cooker in the commercial kitchen market. Based on the principle of high-frequency induction heating technology, the alternating current is changed into direct current through a rectifying circuit, and then the direct current is changed into the high-frequency high-voltage current with a frequency of 20-40khz. When the current passes through the electromagnetic induction coil, there will be a magnetic field. The magnetic lines in the magnetic field pass through the heated metal container and generate strong eddy current on its surface, which makes the container itself generate heat quickly to achieve the purpose of rapid cooking. The thermal efficiency can be as high as 90%.

Based on the recognition of the following facts, you may have a deeper understanding of the commercial induction cooker industry:

Google search data

When you search for pictures by searching for “commercial induction cooker” or “commercial induction cooktops” on Google, why are the search results almost all desktop induction cookers? To go further, when you search for “induction cooker” or “induction cooktop” with Google professional tools, the total monthly global search will be several times that of “commercial”? Take “commercial induction cooktop” as an example, its global monthly search volume is less than 1060 times.

The semantic direction of “commercial” has obvious regional food culture differences

The meaning of “commercial” refers to the induction cooker used in commercial kitchens, such as restaurants, Chinese and Western fast food, hotels, canteens, ship restaurants, train restaurants, hot pot restaurants, etc. At present, their sales in China have ranked first in the world, and more than 70% of their sales come from the catering industry. In the world, induction cookers have become a new trend in commercial kitchens, and there is still a long way to go before they become popular.

In the Chinese market, based on the eating habits such as stir-frying, the power of commercial cookers is generally between 3500W and 45KW, mainly concave electromagnetic stir fryers For the foreign market, the power of the induction cooker is generally below 8kw, and the desktop flat-top stove is the main type. Among them, the four-head flat-top stove has the largest shipment.

In China, the state is formulating and improving a standard system for commercial induction cookers

In China and the international market, although there is no unified and authoritative product standard to guide the production of commercial induction cookers, a national standard document named “Energy Efficiency Limit Values and Energy Efficiency Ratings for Commercial Induction Cookers” is in the process of soliciting industry opinions and compiling them.

There are about 100 commercial induction cooker manufacturers in China, mainly in regions such as Guangdong and Shandong. Commercial induction cooker products sold on the market have large differences in energy efficiency, and a large number of inefficient products have flooded the market, which is not conducive to the country’s energy conservation and emission reduction work.

The standard-setting unit is China National Institute of Standardization, which is the only national-level comprehensive standardization scientific research institution in China and accepts the direct leadership of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine. The formulation of the standard is jointly participated by seven high-quality commercial induction cooker manufacturers (manufacturers) in China as well as experts and scholars from colleges and universities. This will help the progress of the commercial induction cooker industry and the market’s regulation. And energy efficiency evaluation provide a basis for implementation, and are more helpful in linking with international standards.

Industry Guide: QC of Qinxin company, a leading manufacturer

As a well-known source manufacturer of commercial induction cooker, Lestov was invited to participate in the discussion and preparation of documents.Lestov company has many documents such as quality management system and CE certification, and has also formulated a set of perfect OQC inspection guidance and implementation standards to standardize and supervise the quality control of finished products.

Why do we need to check the quality of commercial induction cooker?

Understanding the status of quality control and inspection is the key to change the misunderstanding of “made in China” products in the international market. As a participant in the national trade, the QC department of the factory has a reliable quality control plan and conducts pre shipment inspection, which allows the manufacturer to identify and solve any quality problems before affecting your customers, which is very important for ensuring product quality and increasing trust between all parties. In addition, some international customs will require the manufacturer to provide OQC inspection documents when inspecting the safety of goods.

OQC project of commercial induction cooker (Lestov brand, from Qinxin company)

OQC (outgoing quality control) refers to the inspection of products to ensure that they meet the quality requirements of customers before shipment.

Qinxin company has complete OQC inspection and management items, including engineering drawing and manufacturing process card inspection, appearance and internal inspection, product function test, standard wiring inspection and power supply safety monitoring (voltage, current, resistance), seismic test, product aging test, pot compatibility test, etc.

To learn more about the OQC Test standards for Lestov commercial induction cookers, please contact us.


Now you know the development of commercial induction cooker in China and the industry information of product quality control, so you can better purchase products from high-quality suppliers in China. Work with your suppliers and China quality control team to develop a detailed list of your products.

Keep in mind that by directly communicating order requirements with high-quality Chinese commercial induction furnace manufacturing plants and knowing their product quality control processes, your chances of purchasing high-quality products from China are greatly increased.