Thursday, April 22, 2021

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4 Tips for Selecting the Right Exterior Paint for Your House

While many people consider interior designing to be a significant challenge, the exterior can require much more brainpower. The reason is that there are many more factors to consider when making a decision.

If you are having a hard time figuring out what colors would best for your house’s exterior, then don’t worry. Most people feel overwhelmed by the decision. You can try these tips mentioned below on for a size. But remember, the colors will only look right if you hire the best home painting service.

Consider the Permanent Elements

It’s unlikely that you are planning a complete renovation of the outdoors and changing everything. Unless you are, think about the surfaces that are the hardest to change. These would include your basics, such as roof, pathways, tiles, driveways, and masonry.
By looking at the colors of these structures, you need to figure out what exterior paint would go well. This should help you narrow down the list of possible options. With Paisley Painting, you can feel confident that our team of paint professionals will deliver the results you need.

Don’t Forget Your Neighborhood

While you are thinking about how to match with the colors of the outdoors, look at your neighbors to see what shades they have chosen. Although you want to match with your neighbors, don’t choose their colors.

Based on your home’s aesthetics, you can pick colors that are complimenting, blending, or even contrasting with your neighbors’ houses. If your home has a similar style, then getting something appropriate for the neighborhood will be wise because it can also play a role in your house’s value.

Think about Your House’s Aesthetics

Every person has different tastes. Some choose to go the old way when they are designing their home, and others might select a more modern style. There is also a range of designs between the two mentioned above.

But whatever your house’s design is, your exterior colors highly depend on it. While it should be common sense to not go for a purple color if your home has a Victorian atmosphere, you can ask your painters for some help. They have a long experience of painting houses and helping clients select the shades and hues. Also, they might be able to tell you what the top paid home decorators pick for their clients.

Select Several Shades of the Same Color

The experts consider any house to have three primary color schemes. The first would be your field color, which is the most prominent one. The second would be the accent color, which brings out the doors and other insignificant areas of your house’s exterior. The last would be the trim color, which is the one you would get painted on the windows, railings, and other trim areas.

That’s why people prefer to go with shades rather than sticking with just the one. You should also try to stay within a single color family, as it can be very tricky to pick contrasts that won’t clash.

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