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Sisal Carpets Your Environment Friendly Plant-based Carpet Materials

If you are thinking of getting a new carpet, there are a few decisions you have to make. As well as to choose a color or pattern to suit your space, you also need to pick a type of carpet and a material.

From handwoven wool to synthetic to hardwearing Sisal carpet, there are many materials available. Which to choose depends on where you will use the carpet and also ultimately comes down to your budget. Visit to get more information.

Few things to consider –

  • How Much You Want To Spend –

Cost may vary from less than $5 square meter for a synthetic carpet to more than $100 per square meter for a premium handwoven design.

  • Who Will Be Walking On The Carpet –

High traffic areas, like hallways, will benefit from more durable materials. If you have got children or you like to entertain, you will need something that is easy to clean, while pets with claws will rule out looped carpets that may easily snag.

  • The Look And Feel You Are After –

The way your carpet is made will affect how it looks, from glossy and plush to tight and dense and how it feels under your foot. Think whether you want a soft pile you can sink your toes into something flat and more stable.

Carpet materials –

Plant-based carpet materials are growing in popularity, because of their stylish and contemporary appearance. But just like wool, they are not cheap.

  • Sisal carpet rough underfoot but is known for being hard-wearing. Its big drawback is that it can easily stain or get a watermark.
  • Jute is less durable than Sisal, but it is also softer, so it is a better choice for bedrooms.
  • Seagrass is resistant to stains and watermarks, but also to dye, so there is not much choice of colors.
  • Coir is durable and low maintenance but feels rough so it is better suited to areas where you don’t wander barefoot.

Choosing The Best Carpet Materials

Synthetic materials like polypropylene and nylon are cheaper, more stain-resistant, and less prone to mildew and mold. But they also wear out more quickly.Natural fibers like wool and sisal can be costly, more prone to staining, and can attract insects, but the fibers are resilient so they will last longer.

When it was surveyed which material to choose, there was a split between people who favored synthetics and the ones who preferred natural materials. Some people said that they chose wool and synthetic mix, which provides the benefit of a natural carpet with the useful qualities of synthetic like increased stain resistance.

Why Choose The Carpet?

Carpet is good for making a room look cozier and insulating the floors. It is a good choice if you walk around barefoot, in a survey nearly 2,000 respondents told that they chose their carpet from comfort and warmth and the way it feels. But the carpet owners pointed out that they had found lots of practical reasons to choose carpet over other flooring types like-

  • Soundproofing
  • To give a non – slip surface on the stairs
  • pet dogs found laminate too slippery to walk on
  • it can be lifted easily to do work on floorboards or plumbing below
  • Object dropping on carpet break less than those dropped on a wooden floor
  • They are easier to lay over uneven surfaces and do a better job of disguising the problem.


So if you have decided on a carpet in your home, there is plenty to learn before finalizing the deal. From basic utility to all things aesthetic, flooring plays a great role in the look and feel of the place. There are different carpet types, and understanding the benefits of each will help you make a decision that is best for you.