Tuesday, April 20, 2021

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Why is online customised jewellery the hottest trend these days?

People don’t only wear jewellery to look fancy or grab some attention but it’s also a means of personal identification and individualization. You get to tell the world the kind of person you are with the sort of jewellery you put on.

Given this fact of expressing themselves in their personalised way, customise jewellery is on the rise. Gone are the days when people used to rush to stores to get a matching ring or a set of dazzling earrings to try on a party. With the rise of digital markets on social media, a lot of companies are selling personalised jewellery to both men and women.

Onsite stores rarely give this options to their customers and if they do, there isn’t much variety anyway. Since it’s easier to find stores online and they have more taste to customised jewellery, users opt for this hence making it a hot trend.

1- Customers can take charge of designs

There could be a lot of reasons people drool over customised jewellery but having the charge of “custom” in customers’ hands is the primary one. With so many designs and ads they see online, they can pick the best and get it made or even order one product with the blend of many designs.

2- Its faster and its relatively cheaper

According to Pew’s research, almost 80% of Americans shop online and the reason, that we can comprehend easily, seems to be the accessibility of quality products in a budget.

It’s highly unlikely to get a piece of jewellery with the potential to make you fall in love at a cheap price in stores. However on the contrary, it’s almost always practical to get your own jewellery made at a relatively low price online.

3- “Unexpectedness” is the new cool

Back only 10-years ago, women used to fantasize about getting a wedding or engagement ring having one big diamond they can flaunt about among their friends. It seems like trends have taken a whole new perspective shift now as the traditional diamond rings are considered “old school” now.

Women like to get unique rings for their weddings and engagements now with a touch of unexpectedness in it so they could amaze everyone. For sure, the new normal is surprise and amusement. In fact, this can also be their moment of spotlight to unravel their true selves through their rings.

4- A great way to stand out in the crowd

Wearing the same jewellery as everyone kind of sucks when you are at a party where everyone wants to steal the limelight of being different. You can look for custom made moissanite earrings platinum to be in the spotlite.

Just imagine wearing something totally fresh out of the box and all the women drooling over you asking where you got it from. Who wouldn’t like such attention?

Other than this, there could be a plethora of reasons one may opt for customised jewellery for. After all, there are around 7.5 billion people in this world with their individual preferences.

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