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Weed Games – Best for Your Weed Rolling Games

Gone are the days when drinking games were the go-to party games. Now, we have weed games. Several years back when recreational marijuana was still illegal in Colorado, individuals had to resort to alcohol to fuel their party games. However, in the cradle of marijuana culture, times have changed. In modern society, one can make a stop at a recreational dispensary similar to Best Pot on the way to a party and stock up on pre-rolled joints, flower, or even concentrates to share.

Marijuana is taking over liquor’s territory at cannabis parties in states where it is legal. We are on a search for weed games that are popular, catchy, and fun as drinking games. So, what do we recommend you play at a parry instead of Beer Die or Flip Cup? But before we search for the games, why not you understand why it’s important to protect cannabis plants using organic cannabis pest control.

Frankly, it is difficult to compare weed games to drinking games because both have different goals. With drinking games, the goal is to get drunk and sloppy whereas, with weed games, the goal is to enhance the experience. We have assembled 11 of the best “weed games” best for your weed rolling games.

The Lighter Game

The Lighter Game
The lighter game is the best lighter for weed. The way of playing is similar to that of hay-sack. You simply place and balance a weed lighter on the top of your hand, laying over the top of your fingers. Next, you toss the lighter over to a friend, who has to catch it on top of their fingers. You toss the lighter back and forth and enjoy the experience. The lighter game also helps with hand-eye coordination. With each competitive toss, you can move further apart if you are feeling competitive.

Mario Kart and Kush

Mario Kart and Kush
Mario Kart and Kush is similar to the drinking game involved with Mario Kart whereby one has to finish a beer before finishing a race. Now, replace the beer with a joint. In Mario Kart and Kush, one has to finish their joint before the game ends. There are also various rules that make it challenging – such as, if you cough you have to stop racing, and if you veer off the track you have to take a hit. When you play Mario smoking weed, you are in for a fun experience.

Elevated Jenga

 Elevated Jenga
Elevated Jenga is played with big blocks that have words written on them such as do the crane kick, take two big hits, and give the person next to you a hug. This weed game is interactive and fun. How does one elevate a game of Jenga? You only need an imagination and a sharpie to write something interesting on each piece.

Heads Up

This is a free app that you can download on your phone. It is somehow like digital charades. Once you install the app, here is how it works:

  1.  Organize yourself into groups of two.
  2.  Choose a deck. Some examples are movies, accents, celebrities, animals, et cetera.
  3.  Read the deck description the tap play.
  4.  Place the back of the phone against your forehead. Your teammates will give you clues which will help you guess what is on the screen.
  5.  If you have guessed the word correctly, tilt the phone down.
  6.  If you cannot guess a word, tilt the phone up


This vintage card game
This vintage card game came out in 1979 when people called weed “grass,” but it can still be found in weed shop games. Grass turns you and your friends into black-market weed dealers. The object of this game is to be the first player to make $250,000 by hustling weed. You can try and stop your opponents by stealing from them, or by putting heat on their drug peddling. Be careful as others will try to get at your stash as well.

Quiplash on Jackbox

Quiplash on Jackbox is a game whereby everyone submits answers to funny questions. The answers you submit appear on a TV screen and everyone votes on them. All you need to do is download this Jackbox game onto a PC, PlayStation, or Xbox. You select your game with a mouse or controller, and then instructions pop up for everyone to log in.

Would You Rather

Would you rather is more of a rhetorical exercise than it is a game. It involves making up scenarios and weed questions that are equally weighty. Creativity is, and the best part of the game is to observe the direction it takes. It can get philosophical or strange, but it is more fun to shoot for laughs and levity.

Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity
Most individuals have played Cards Against Humanity so many times that it feels kind of “played out.” This is where the expansion pack and the weed come in. Add some fresh cards and incorporate some marijuana into the game night. This dark humor game is always fun.

Stoner Cinema

Sometimes, I like to smoke while watching movies. So, I create a challenge for myself to burn through my different stash. I will have my concrete pen, my bong, my flower vape, or my dab of live resin and the goal is to finish my stash before the movie is over. Sometimes I win the challenge (I make it through the movie and my supply) and sometimes I lose (I fall asleep as the movie continues and my stash remains unfinished).


Discs-N-Dabs was created in 2017 by fusing a love for marijuana concentrates with a desire to be active while enjoying the outdoors through disc golf. It is among the most exciting smoking weed games.


  1. Before disks are thrown, teams must take one dab
  2.  Alternatively, teams can smoke a whole blunt/joint before each throw (18 blunts/joints per round).
  3.  Each throw counts. This game is played cumulatively to ensure that everyone’s throws and dabs affect the score.
  4.  The lowest collective score wins.

If you’re playing doubles, this means that both players must take nine dabs by the end of a round of 18 baskets. The official Discs-N-Dabs tournament is played as a Triples Tournament, allowing players to take six dabs per person per round, instead of nine.

Stonick the Weedhog

 Stonick the Weedhog
The objective of Stonick the Weedhog is to ‘rush’ and collect the rings before time runs out. Tricks like sweet air moves or barrel rolls earn you bonus points. When you get a new high score, you move to what is known as the “Bonus Level” where you roll to a nearby dog park and let the dogs chase you around.


Weed is better when used in groups because you can make up all manner of amazing games. Try some of the above games, and you will see what I mean. Do not choose some of the toughest games, for example, weed beer bong, when the group contains several newcomers. Not only will they not enjoy themselves, but it is also likely that they pass out or fall sick if they overdo it! Use a shred of common sense when you play these weed games, and everyone will have a fantastic time.