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Improving the Home Way Better: Selecting Shaker Cabinets

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It is where people gather together with their family and loved ones, share good food and talk about each other’s whereabouts and stories. For most residences, often times, choosing the appropriate kitchen design and kitchen equipment is neglected due to busy schedules. Plus, various styles are not affordable enough. And so, in this guide, we will unleash the best kitchen cabinets to anchor aesthetics appropriate for your kitchen types and quality in improving your home that will not compromise your budget.

Three Common Types of Kitchen Design

There are three general types of kitchen design; the traditional, modern and transitional. Below are their differences:


Basically, in the conventional kind of kitchen, the ambiance is a touch of an antique or classic farmhouse or country kitchen. The color of the equipment is lighter, and the resemblance is made of a usual wood finish. It is the simplest and the most common design used in almost all residences.


Meanwhile, modern kitchen design is sophisticated in nature. Its environment is commonly made up of a metal finish and modernized tools and different equipment. Moreover, the colors used in this type of kitchen is vibrant or darker shades. Among the kinds of kitchen, it is frequently used by sophisticated seekers.


Transitional is another type of kitchen which has become increasingly popular in the residences nowadays. One reason is that, if homeowners wanted to change their kitchen to a modern or traditional look, a transitional type is perfect as it can easily adjust as design preferences changes.

Selecting The Best Kitchen Cabinet

Choosing the best kitchen cabinets you should use at home is very crucial and, selecting the appropriate palette or color for your kitchen equipment is not an easy job especially that you need to match it with your desirable kitchen look perfectly. Although deciding what’s design to use best is hard, there is always a solution. One of them is choosing a timeless cabinets cheap design. For instance, the Shaker Style Cabinets.

Shaker style cabinets have gained popularity in the light of the 19th century which was created by a religious community named Shakers. Its principle framework is to give a simple and commodious type of cabinetry for the people. These features are handmade classics which fits perfectly with different home designs. Also, it is a cabinets’ cheap design which is accessible and affordable to every home budget.

Cabinet Doors

The Shaker Cabinets are made of doors with exquisite frame and panel. It has a rail and stile feature which is one of the most unique in the woodcraft industry. For design enthusiasts, the shaker type of cabinets is best for giving an aesthetically unique kitchen feels. It will provide you with a pure but intense feeling of a bright and happy home.

For Modern Kitchen Design

If you have a modern kitchen design, Shaker cabinets is really a smart choice. It is clean, plain and uncluttered. Its wood which is made from a dark grain finish gives warmth to the sophisticated feels in a modern kitchen. Besides, cabinet doors made from ash or walnut is also available.

For Traditional Kitchen Design

Meanwhile, if you have a traditional type of kitchen design, this type of cabinet is also a good option. It gives a clean and vibrant design for your kitchen which tone downs the heaviness feels brought buy the modern world. You can choose the lighter colors to give a good finish and a farmhouse or country kitchen ambiance. Pair it with standard door hardware to boost up a more traditional feel.

For Transitional Kitchen Design

One reason why Shaker Cabinets are chosen is that they aid in transitioning a traditional kitchen design to modern or vice versa. While a shaker lover may alter a kitchen style at any time, modern shakers have a slight edge. Although it has a small difference, modern kitchen design adds extra spice to the kitchen space.

Are Shaker Cabinets Worth An Investment?

There are different benefits shaker cabinets can offer, and many can cater to everyone’s preference styles or the potentialities to remodel it over time. But, if you are on the look for reliable and exquisite cabinetry, shaker cabinets would indeed be an excellent choice. The features of shakers are created not only with strong wood grains but also with a clean finish. Moreover, you can match it with almost all design types because it is made with a classical finish that fits perfectly to homeowners standards. In the market, there are a wide variety of options you can choose from including cabinet doors, shades and composition. These cabinets are cheap and low-maintenance, and if you may want to save a dozen dollars while not compromising the aesthetic aspect, this is worth investing for.