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Earn some Quick Pocket Money With Freelance Photography

Almost everyone nowadays, knows how to make things and people look good with a phone camera and an Instagram filter. You can use your photography skills to make some money in broke times. In the age of everything going digital, people need more and more visuals, so use this as an opportunity to give people what they want i.e. good photographs and you’ll get what you need i.e. money!
To start a doing some freelance photography work, here some points you need to keep in mind and some tips that will come in handy.

1.Before you earn, you have to spend

This is true. To make some money as a freelance photographer, you have to have some professional equipment and gadgets to do the job well. Your main equipment will be the camera. If you don’t have one, don’t risk your career with a phone. Buy a camera that will be sufficient for starting out your freelance photography career. Invest in a good tripod, camera bag and other accessories that will require you to do the work.

If you don’t have the funds to invest in a camera and its accessories, then try and connect with a photography studio in Wolverhampton to get a job on any projects that they may be working on. They may be able to provide you with their own equipment, all you’ll have to do is work on the projects they’ve already been hired for. Although, eventually you will have to purchase your own equipment, so get saving.

2.Decide What Do You Want To Click

To sell yourself as a brand in photography, you need to have a niche that you’re going to work in. You will have to decide what kind of photography do you want to do. You can choose to establish yourself as a photographer in different niches like fashion photography, interior design photography, product photography etc. This is where your passion and skills are going to make the decision for you. What you like to capture in photographs and what are you good at capturing, is what is going to get you the money. Remember that your passion may not always be what you’re good at. So as a profession, choose to go for what you are good at and you can always pursue your passion as a hobby.

3.Have a portfolio

You cannot sell yourself as a photographer if you don’t have some of your work to convince someone that you are a good one. So before the next step, where you spread the word about your new job, you need to have a portfolio that showcases your best work and convinces your prospective client to hire you for photography projects.

4.Spread the word

Your next step and most important step would be to get yourself hired, which means letting people know that you’re open for business. So get the word out through your friends, start an Instagram and Facebook page and if you can afford to, even start a website. Although, if this freelance work is just for a short while, then don’t spend on creating a website. Put up some flyers and posters with your contact details, maybe leave your number at photo studios and media houses so that anyone looking for a photographer can get in touch with you.

5.Learn More

The more you learn, the better your chances at landing a job and growing your clientele become. Invest in your photography skills by attending classes, workshops, watching tutorials online and exploring more. Always be open to expand your horizons and explore more than you’re currently doing. If you have been practising a certain niche of photography, then give yourself time to click something you have never tried before, this will get your creativity flowing and you will be able to add more to your portfolio and experience.


You can even do professional photography with your phone if you have a good camera and some good sense of lighting. There are several professional photographers who are even able to work with their phones. You can also buy a pair of lens for your phone so that you can do some creative photography with your phone itself. Just keep in mind that your client is going to expect work that shows that it’s been spent money on, so your photographs should definitely speak a thousand words.