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Stylish Exercise Dresses Perfect For Summer Workout

Finally, warmer temperatures and sunnier days are upon us after a long winter which felt like it lasted an entire year. Take a break from your fleece-lined leggings and fuzzy socks as the outdoor workout and picnic season are here! Stock up all your favorite summer workout clothes, from fun sports bras and crop tops to sweat-friendly socks and even underwear in this new season of warm weather. Athletic wear is becoming more trendier than ever; it may now be the best option for summer workout clothes!

Summer is the perfect time to fill your exercise wardrobe with ideal lightweight tanks, ultra-thin leggings, sweat-resistant socks, and breathable sports bras. All of these cool clothes and more for your sweatiest workouts or beach vacations.

A vast range of exercise dresses below feature high-tech fabrics. The range includes fabric that calm your body down, protect your body from harmful UV rays, and even clothes that keep your skin hydrated and moisturized.

These summer workout clothes are strategically designed by brands to reduce chafing, create airflow around your body, and even help to reduce odor. All these features give you the freedom to go for a run in the park to immediately head for brunch effortlessly. Some brands are even incorporating recycled and sustainable fabrics into their clothes if you are mindful of your carbon footprint!

All these exercise dresses are functional and cute enough that you can wear them to your outdoor yoga class, HIIT workout, or run, as well as while running errands or even just around your house. These fun exercise dresses below will keep you feeling as fire as the temps will get this season!

1. SWEATPROOF TANK | Open Back Workout Tank

Perfect for airflow around your body, the cute sweatproof tank offers you airflow from all sides of your body, on your back and the sides of your body. Its relaxed fit ensures you that it won’t cling to you in the heat, either.

2. CROP TOP | Knot Crop Top

The knot crop top is the perfect top for a steamy yoga class or a sweltering outdoor workout because of its shorter length and breezy, sleeveless design.

3. RUNNING SHORTS | Women’s Mid-Rise Run Shorts

For a cool *and* safe run, these mid-rise shorts have reflective detailing. Along with it, it has a comfy underwear liner, side pockets and a hidden security pocket, with the quick-drying fabric feature.

4. SWEATPROOF LEGGINGS | Workout Ready Mesh Tight

Sweatproof leggings are made from Speedwick fabric. To keep your body cool, this fabric carries sweat away from your skin faster than a sprint workout. Apart from Speedwick fabric, mesh panels for maximum ventilation are located across the thighs and down their sides.

5. TRENDY LEGGINGS | Lustrous High-Rise Legging

These extra-high-waisted leggings with Koral’s signature Infinity fabric feel incredibly lightweight. They are designed to look like leather, but they are super comfortable.

Plus, the fabric in these trendy leggings is sun-proof and has various colors to choose from. The color never fades no matter how many times you wear these out in the sun.

6. WINDBREAKER | Multicolor Magic Loom Windbreaker

Windbreaker is a must-have if you’re a dedicated runner hitting the pavement every day. These windbreakers are handwoven and have reflective fibers that glow in the dark. You’re not going to regret this purchase if you plan on making some camping or hiking trips, too.

7. VERSATILE TOP | Thyme Crisscross Four-Way Top

Thyme Crisscross Four-Way Top can be worn four different ways, and it has adjustable straps. They have fun and unique colors and prints. You’re really going to enjoy wearing it. The best advantage of this versatile top is that the fabric is odor-resistant and quick-drying. It is your BFF for your beach vaca carry-on.

8. BLISTER-PROOF SOCKS | Original Ankle Socks

Original low cut ankle socks are the only socks in the market that prevent blisters. It doesn’t slip and provides excellent arch support while being breathable, no matter how sweaty it gets.


These sweats are anti-odor and anti-bacterial. The material used to make it is sustainably produced Japanese paper yarn and Paper Project’s signature Bac-pure antimicrobial finish, which is designed to protect against viruses, bacteria, fungus, and mold. Sweatshirts are your best buddy when there’s a slight chill in the air for those evening runs.


The perform leggings are not just any leggings, though. The leggings are silky-smooth and light that you’ll feel that you aren’t wearing anything. They are moisture-wicking with lightweight compression as they are made from a performance fabric made with 58% recycled nylon.

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