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The Most Useful Apps For Financed Car Drivers

Nowadays, the driving experience has become very modernised and technologically-focused. Car finance has allowed majority of people acquire cars of any make or model of their choice without worrying about funding it and this has led to revolutionary cars like hybrid, Electric vehicles amongst the old diesels and petrol engines. As part of this ongoing evolution, smart device apps have proven to be very important for drivers, and some of them can really make a massive difference on several levels for motorists. In this article, we have decided to highlight some of the most useful apps that can go a long way towards enhancing the enjoyment of life as a driver.

First of all, we have got the Smart Dash Cam app. This is essentially a continuous video recorder camera that covers everything happening in front of you, no matter how long the drive is or where you are heading. The purpose is to capture anything that could present any danger to you, so in the event of a bump on the road caused by another driver, with them attempting to plead ignorance towards responsibility, this footage will be able to justify your cause by offering clear, concise evidence of what really happened. It’s worth noting that in the event that you were responsible for a minor bump that had been recorded by the app, this footage would be required by the prosecution since it would prove that you were indeed in the wrong.

Secondly, there are multiple apps designed for when your car has broken down, but the AA’s Breakdown app has been well optimised and is the market leader for such a programme. It allows drivers to report that their cars are stuck as soon as it happens, and an AA employee will be on their way instantly to your location. That being said, it is not just about breaking down; it is also about receiving information on how to prevent such situations with guidance on looking after your car, details on your insurance plan, and other tips relating to your vehicle, as well as some neat special offers that come from being insured by the AA. We did some research within one car dealership (Rix Motors) in Northwest UK and most of the footfall clients mentioned they like the AA breakdown app since you don’t have to call them, AA can trace you to the exact spot you have broken down using their App which is very handy in this 21st century.

There are other very useful apps for motorists that are well worth a mention here. This particular app was suggested by our colleagues at Ranger dog. Zap-Map is a cleverly-named programme which allows those driving an electric car to locate their nearest EV charging station, which can prove to be a life-saver for anyone behind the wheel of an EV model. Since the world is becoming increasingly conscious of the environment, this is one app you will want on your side to help you locate a charging point once you buy your hybrid or EV car soon.

Then there is the self-explanatory Petrol Prices, which allows you to work out where you can get fuel for your vehicle and how much it would cost in comparison to other petrol stations. This was a favourite app for our friends at Loorolls, who distribute janitorial and cleaning products in wholesale across the country and knowing where to fuel their fleet of distribution lorries. I dont like fueling on the motorway as you end up paying a fortune and for businesses, every penny counts, so this up has been a big deal to their business. And we also have YourParkingSpace, which allows you to find out the best place for you to park your car, whether it be for a one-off trip or for the longer term based on where you are living or working and this was a good suggestion from a London makeup course beautician which as a self employed business lady, she knows how hard it is to secure good parking in the capital when out meeting client or when she is needed in special events as a makeup artist.

These are some brilliant driving-focused apps that are a must-own, but you can read more about these and other motoring apps online by going to