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Best Roofing Company Rockford IL: Questions to Ask Before Hiring

Every homeowner or business owner wants a strong roof that can withstand harsh weather conditions and other elements, and one that will last for many years. Your roofing should not come cheap, and you need to consider it as a basic need and major investment.

When you’re planning to repair or replace your roof, it’s important to find a trusted and reputable roofing contractor who will provide you the best options when it comes to materials or type of shingles, craftsmanship, quality, and cost. That’s why it’s vital to ask the right questions before hiring one.

Here are some of the questions you can ask when choosing a roofing contractor:

How Long Have You’ve Been in the Roofing Business?

Asking this question will gauge the reputation, expertise, and experience of a roofing contractor. If you want to hire a good roofer with an established good reputation in the industry, check online sources, like, to find out more about the company by reading the “About Us” page.

Here are the benefits of hiring a roofing contractor with an experience of ten years or more in the business:

  • You have peace of mind that an “expert” repairs, replaces, and installs your roof.
  • Take advantage of a stronger support system if anything goes wrong along the way. You are confident that the roofing company will always be there when you need help.
  • Roofing companies with years of experience are likely legitimate, with complete permits, licenses, and insurance.

Are You a Licensed Contractor?

It’s crucial to ask this question straightforwardly because you want to ensure you’re dealing with a legitimate roofing company. Roofing contractors who work in Rockford, IL are required to obtain a license to provide roofing services in the area from the State of Illinois Department of Professional Regulation.

Here are the advantages of hiring a licensed roofing contractor:

  • A licensed roofer adheres to building codes and can provide proof of insurance for the protection of all parties.
  • By verifying the licensing of a roofing company, you’re more confident to entrust your roofing needs to real roofing professionals.
  • Get excellent quality roofing services, such as roofing installation, insulation, restoration, and repairs.

Do You Have Insurance?

A good roofing contractor has insurance, which covers both liability and worker’s compensation insurance. Liability insurance protects you and the roofing company in any damages caused by poor roofing installation or service. On the other hand, a worker’s compensation insurance protects you and the roofing contractor in any event that a worker falls off the roof or during any accident related to the roofing job. In short, the insurance company will shoulder the expenses or damages if something goes wrong during and even after the roofing work.

Here are the important things you need to consider when checking the roofing company’s insurance:

  • Name and expiration of liability and worker’s compensation insurance
  • Coverage of the insurance, like medical bills and lost wages
  • Any liability or deductible you need to pay if an accident happens

Are You Bonded?

The last thing you want to happen is knowing that your roofing contractor skips the job. That’s why you have to see to it that the roofing company you will hire is bonded. Many states now require roofing contractors to be bonded.

One example of a bond is a surety bond, which is a form of insurance that will cover you financially in the following circumstances:

  • The roofing contractor fails to complete the work, which now prompts you to hire another roofing company to finish the job.
  • The roofing company fails to pay the crew or subcontractors.
  • The roofing company fails to obtain a work permit and the city bills you for the permit.
  • Your property is damaged.

What Training Do You Provide to Your Crew?

Based on the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, roofers have no specific educational requirements. Even if you interview roofers, majority learn how to repair and install a roof on the job. That’s why you need to find out the training or courses the roofing company provides to ensure that the roofers are capable of handling the job.

Here are some examples of training programs for roofers:

  • Training through a vocational course in high school
  • Training from a trusted and reputable roofing expert or agency
  • Certification from a roofing manufacturer


Now you can hire a roofing contractor by confidently asking the above questions. You’ll have the assurance and peace of mind that your roofing needs will be in good hands. Your roof is an essential part of your property that needs to be prioritized by making sure you hire only the best roofing contractor that offers reasonable pricing for a quality roof.

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