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5 Tips to be prepared for a Ransomware Attack

The first trace of ransomware was found in 2005, and ever since, it has been a great threat to businesses all around the world. However, the good news is that we are not living in 2005 anymore, and today we have more than on the way to fight with a ransomware attack without losing both money and important data.

If you own a business and it has an online presence or involves networking at any level, then you are at risk of having a ransomware attack. Therefore, it is very important that you protect the valuable data of your business at all costs. It includes being prepared for a ransomware attack.

In this blog, I’ve narrowed down some of the very important tips that will help you in preparing for a ransomware attack.

Here you go:

Build a Backup

The reason that criminals get their way is that they manage to get leverage on you. So, it is important to eliminate all the room of leverage. The most appropriate way to do this is to have a complete backup of your entire company’s data.

Many people ignore the importance of creating the backup of their data regularly and end up losing a lot of money and business reputation.

If you don’t want to end up losing both your data and money to the criminals, then make sure that you build a backup for your data regularly.

Apply Software Patches

Not updating your software once you receive software updates is equal to having a death wish for your business. These updates are important because they have patches that strengthen the security of your system.

So, apply all the updates that are provided to you by your software provider as soon as you get them. It’ll prevent the criminals from penetrating your system. And, even if they somehow manage to make their way in your data, your system will alert you before they encrypt your data. But, if you want to get that alert, you have to make sure that you are applying the software patches as soon as you receive it.

Strengthen Your Security Firewalls

Your security firewall is probably the only rock-solid defense that you may have against the criminals. If the security firewalls of your system are secure, the criminals won’t be able to cause any substantial harm to your business.

Above all, if the security firewalls are not reachable, then there is no way that criminals can make their way in your network without you being alerted.

Train Your Staff

The most common way that criminals use to get inside your security walls is by sending a phishing link. Nothing will happen if you can identify the phishing link before opening it. But, the real question is how one can know if the link is safe to open or not.

The answer is simple. Don’t open the link received from someone you don’t know. For that, you’ll have to train your staff and make sure that you don’t open a link that looks fishy at all costs.

Contact the Right People

You have done everything right, but still, you have to be prepared for the worst. So, in the worst-case scenario, if you still get attacked even after doing everything right, it doesn’t mean that you have to address the demands of the criminals. Talk to the authorities and contact the people who can help you in recovering the encrypted files.

It is essential because you should know that you should not be considering giving your money to the criminals unless all your options are closed.