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Things You Should Know Before Installing Hvac In Knoxville Tn

An Overview

Before purchasing an HVAC system for cooling and heating your home, familiarize yourself with the basics such as the key terms, prices, maintenance, products etc. HVAC is a general term which refers to heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems. Products included in this system are like heat pumps, air conditioners, furnaces, thermostats and ductworks. Identify the best HVAC companies in Knoxville TN which are licensed with affordable package offers within your reach. Research the best companies with a reputation in offering the best services and call out for installation or replacement.

Factors Affecting The Cost Of A New Hvac System

Home size and construction – .To maintain the desired room temperatures for a big home, a larger unit is required as compared to a small home. Besides, your home`s insulation quality including window and door seals determine the cost of your monthly heating and cooling bills.

Location – Your homes location determines the costs you will incur while installing a new HVAC system. There are homes located at hot areas while others are in humid areas making the heating and cooling systems function differently.

Ductwork – A properly installed duct system throughout your entire household minimizes energy use while maximizing the comfort.

Quality – HVAC systems differ with energy consumption and the inbuilt features that come with it. A good example is an ordinary furnace and a smart thermostat, where the latter saves on energy consumption. On the other hand installing an ordinary furnace is cheaper compared to installing a smart thermostat.

Features Of An Ideal Hvac System

It will be easier to purchase and maintain an HVAC system if you understand all its parts and how they function. You can save on cost of calling for professional help since some problems are easy to fix on your own. A complete HVAC system consists of the following main components:

Thermostat – It has temperature sensors that automatically triggers the on and off for air conditioner and heater. A programmable thermostat allows the user to adjust according to their desired room temperatures which helps in saving energy, time and money. Smart thermostats are operated from phones or computers where the owner can program the temperature at any location when they are about to get back to the house.

Heat Exchanger – It plays a vital role in warming cool air and absorbing heat when the combustion heat rises from activation of the furnace by the thermostat.

Combustion Chamber – Also known as the burner, aids in production of heat where air and gas mixtures are ignited by the glow stick.

Air Handler – Consists of Blower and Evaporator Coil which aids in circulating air through the entire system. It blows heated or cooled air into the room and returns it back to the system with its connection directly to the ductwork.

Condenser – It is part of the air conditioning unit that serves in removing heat from the building and transferring it to the exterior. The condenser collects heat from the outside in a heat pump.

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