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Nursery Decorating Tips

It is every mother’s dream to create a perfect space for their newborn baby. All mothers get overwhelmed as they try to get everything in their “must have” list. Most of them get carried away to the extent of forgetting that infants don’t sleep in the nursery until they are at least three months old and that the most important thing in the nursery is the growing and life that would be happening in the room.

A nursery design should be built considering the midnight feeding, nappy changing, bedtime stories and the games and fights that happen as the baby grows. Here is a guide on where to start when designing the little nest.

Be Practical.

The distance between your bedroom and the nursery matters a lot when choosing your nursery location. The room should be situated close to your bedroom to make it easily accessible. The closeness also allows you to hear any commotions in the room and attend to emergencies in good time. Choose a quiet room, well ventilated, a place you can control the amount of light entering the room. Too much light hinder babies from sleeping.

Do not ignore the floor

Before the baby came, you rarely sat on the floor. But the game is bound to change now as both of you might find yourselves spending a ton of time on the floor.a a lot of play, diaper changing, tummy time, or practicing movements would be happening on the floor. Therefore, it is important to modify the floor into a safe zone. A soft rug or a carpet covering the floor would be a good starting point.

Choose your furniture wisely and their location.

Furniture with sharp edges or easy to remove parts may be dangerous once the baby starts moving around. A changing table of a considerable height so that you do not have to bend when changing the babies diapers or dressing the baby.

Benches and cribs should stay away from the window and any hanging charts should up beyond the baby’s reach for safety purposes. Remember to have a comfortable chair in the room for you will also be spending more time in this room especially when feeding.

Keep it simple

Never forget that your child will not be a baby forever. So when decorating, use material that can easily be replaced should the child start having their tastes and preferences once they get their say.

Sleeping Spot

Babies aged between 9 – 12 weeks spend most of their time sleeping. Therefore, you should ensure that the baby’s sleeping zone is comfortable, warm and safe. If you choose to buy a bassinet, ensure that it is safe and durable in line with the Federal bassinet safety standards. The requirements for the soft parts of the bassinet lower the risks of entrapment or suffocation.

Get inspiration and create your mood board.

Start searching and collecting images that inspire you and store them in a file. Later, you can settle on one of the collected items and make it your inspiration for the nursery design and start building your mood board from it. It will guide you in choosing your storage facilities, furniture, type of decor, material and colors.