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Preventive Pest Control Tips for Your Home

Insects and rodents have been a nuisance for many homeowners. It should also be noted that rodents and insects can cause insane amounts of damage to properties. In the United States alone, it is estimated that pests and insects such as termites and wood destroying insects destroy up to $5 million worth of properties. It should be noted that these pests are agents for disease-carrying bacteria which if not controlled can lead to the spread of a lot of diseases. The following are some of how these pests can be controlled to minimize their effects.

Store food in airtight containers

Basic plastic containers and paper bags should be avoided when trying to store food. This is because most of these pests can easily penetrate them and contaminate the foods. We should, therefore, opt for the rather hard plastics which are fitted with insect resistant lids to avoid penetration by notorious pests such as mice.Keep garbage cans clean, sealed and some distance away from the house.

Garbage cans are a natural attraction for pests such as rodents and cockroaches. Having garbage cans next to your house, therefore, exposes you to the effects of these pests. Having them close to your house means that you are more prone to diseases. Always clean your garbage containers and sealing your garbage bags to avoid insects such as ants and yellow jackets that are usually attracted to sugary residues. Sealing the lid can be achieved by use of bungee cords to fasten the lids.

Reduce possible sources of moisture

Pests and diseases are attracted to damp areas because they can thrive in areas of high moisture content. Insects such as mosquitoes prefer areas with standing water because they act as their breeding grounds. Insects that feed on wood depend on water to make it easier for them to build nests I inside the timber. Therefore, it is essential to always check for leaking pipes in the house. Check and replace old seals around the bathtubs and toilets. All the gutters should be regularly unclogged to prevent accumulation of water.

Eliminate and reduce gutter

Clutter enable the pests to live in silence without you even noticing. Therefore, one can avoid this problem by regularly checking stored boxes, carefully storing wool and natural fiber to prevent clothing moths and carpet beetles. Some insects such as silverfish which feed on glue and paper can be eliminated by disposing off of newspapers or recycling them.

Inspect your home

Always make it a point to regularly sweep through your home to check for secret holes and passages such as holes through the wall. Once discovered, fix the problem by covering these spaces. This prevents the free movement of these pests from outside.

Clean your home regularly

Cleanliness is one of the most efficient ways of cleaning your house as it eliminates any breeding or resting place for these pests. One should regularly clean the dishes, vacuum your carpet, inspecting your cabinets. In case there are difficult places to clean in your house, can provide the necessary assistance. They can also help to identify the damages caused as well as let you know on the different stages of pests that you have.