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Different Styles of Moroccan Carpets

Moroccan carpets are woven by Berber people living in Morocco; they weave carpets that are used indoors as beautifully designed rugs. These carpets are designed by people belonging to different tribes. It is so amazing to know that every Moroccan carpet is designed so differently which means that these designs are not repeated. Recently, the term “Berber rugs” has become popular which is usually used to describe indistinct Beni-Ourain rugs which have been revived in recent years. Moroccan rugs are Berber rugs because they are woven by various tribes of Morocco. Though each tribe has a different style because of many factors contributing to it such as; local plants that are used for dyes, local resources and also the climate of each area.

Usually, Moroccan rugs were made exclusively by the women which they used in their homes to decorate their floors which were also used as bed covers, blankets or cushion covers in the months of winter. The rugs are embedded with symbolism and each piece telling a story of the woman who created it. Each rug takes at least 20 to 30 days to be woven by hand and the designs are completely original which are not copied from anywhere. There are some magazines online with the scale and diversity Moroccan Craftsmanship, hereby describes carpets and all the diversity of their crafts very well. Here we are going to discuss different types of a Moroccan rug before we compare with other top companies.

1.Azilal – High Atlas

Azilal rugs usually narrate stories through their bold colors and designs. They are originated from high mountains of Atlas, they are single knotted and are woven by wool with complicated patterns. The base color of these rugs is usually a light color that may be cream color or white color and then woven by bright color wool by the local flora.

2. Boujad – Central Plains

Boujad covers a wide area of Morocco instead of a small tribe. Boujad rugs are usually woven by warm shades of red, pink and orange. They are woven in a typical style that is practiced by Berber tribes. The prominent method of its weaving is that their knots are pulled tighter so less wool is required. This makes the weaver create a complicated geometric design for which Boujad rugs are popular. The colors used in the weaving of these rugs are created by natural dyes derived from flowers, leaves, henna, and berries.

3. BeniOurain – Middle Atlas

BeniOurain rugs are famous for their light shades. These shades range from cloud white color to sandy cream. These light shades make them perfect for decent and spacious homes. In the Middle Atlas, these rugs are woven by the BeniOurain tribe. These rugs are decorated with either soft black or dark brown geometric patterns. These rugs are designed in asymmetrical patterns that complement their beauty.

4. BeniMguild – Middle Atlas

Due to different temperatures throughout the Atlas Mountains, each type of Moroccan rug is different in its width. The western Middle Atlas region temperature is depicted in a thick and lavish weave of BeniMguild rugs. These rugs are woven in darker shades of purple, brown, blue and red. These rugs can be flipped and their other side can be used during warmer seasons when the thicker side is not required.

5. Boucherouite – All Tribes

One of the most captivating types of the rug is Boucherouite which is being woven in the areas where wool is either not available or people have less access to it. These rugs are woven by the leftovers of fabrics and old clothes which makes them a perfect example of recycling. These rugs are woven with brighter colors with a unique texture and are long-lasting.

6. Kilim – All Tribes

Kilim rugs have an amazing texture and they can be found embellished the tents of Berber tribes in the desert. They are not woven in piles that are why they are very light weighted and can be transported easily. These thinner rugs are well suited for hotter climates and they can be used to fill up the entire room’s floor.

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The creation of rugs is something that is being inherited to Berber culture. Not only they create different designs of rugs, their rugs tell different stories of their tribes. These rugs are designed according to the climates of regions where they are used and this quality increases their credibility.