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Does Your Modest Commercial Lavatory Need a Makeover?

Until a few years ago, people didn’t understand the feeling you get when you walk in a spacious, modern bathroom.

If they could fit toilets, urinals, sinks, and vanities, it worked. But every time you walk in the bathroom, you feel claustrophobic.

When a building was created, no-one thought the size of a lavatory would matter. But the more you see it, the more you want to tear the walls out and create openness.

If the building structure allows you, you should explore new high-tech options for commercial lavatories. But sadly, not all buildings allow tearing walls down, so you need to work with the space you get and make the most of your remodel.

New ADA and Water Conservation Items

Get rid of the old water-wasting toilets and urinals, and replace them with new modern ones with touch-less sensor faucets. When you change the toilet, don’t forget to add new flush valves and replace the pipes. Pick a vanity that looks like a piece of furniture and comes with drawers because you’ll need all the storage space you can get.

Replace the old shower with a walk-in one

Old tubs often leak, so it’s smart to change it when you repair the plumbing system. But instead of replacing it with a new one, you can switch it for something more practical. A walk-in shower will add the room a luxurious vibe, and create the impression of a larger space.

Keep the color scheme light

From tiles to furniture, stay away from dark shades and contrasting colors. A monochromatic theme and light colors will help you forget you’re taking a shower in a cave. If you don’t fancy the idea of a white bathroom, go with a trendy hue like seafoam green, butter yellow, or icy blue. Contrasting shades make the room feel smaller.

The tile of the shower should match the walls

Remove the old tiles and replace them with a blocked pattern that spreads seamlessly on all walls. Use the same tiles for the shower, the wall behind the toilet, and around the vanity. For the floor, pick penny tile because it feels great under your feet. Stick with the same color scheme to maintain the luxurious pattern.

Create the illusion of height

If you virtually raise the ceiling, you make the entire bathroom feel larger. First, you need to replace the large crown molder with a narrower one that matches the ceiling. If there are light fixtures that hang from the ceiling, remove and replace them with recessed lighting. They give the room a cleaner look and create the illusion of height. For a plus of space, install wall sconces because they blur the line between the walls and ceiling.

You shouldn’t get stuck with a lavatory you or your renters hate, so if it needs a makeover, you shouldn’t refuse it.