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Common Question: Can You Add Water to Vape Juice?

In just a few years, vaping has become a cool pastime for many trendy adults. Aside from being this hip accessory, vaping has, most importantly, been shown to be the most effective method to quit smoking.

Vape devices range in affordability, from cheap to the more costly albeit still within the reach of many. This, coupled with their ubiquity, means they are very much an attainable item.

Users also derive fun from the ability to customise their devices – whether it’s on the outside to express themselves or on the inside to make the experience as enjoyable and efficient as possible.

Our discussion today skews towards the latter.

Can you add Water to your E-Liquid?

We all know that e-liquid is made up several key ingredients namely, vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol, flavouring and nicotine.

We also know that vapour contains a significant amount of water. This in mind, it is only natural that some vapers contemplate adding water into their vape juice, and what would happen if they did.

There are a number of reasons why someone might entertain the thought of adding water to their juice. And no, not because water is good for our health. We will outline these reasons later in the article.

For now, question is, can you really add water to e-juice?

The long and short of it is – Yes, you can.

Actually, there are many vapers who routinely dose their e-liquid with water and vape it that way.

There are some caveats you need to be aware of, though, before you go filling your bottles – if you don’t want to end up ruining the vape.

  • Getting the Balance Right is Key

Usually, the general rule of thumb when you are planning to add water to e-liquid is to avoid going above 20%.

Anything above this will result in a very thin juice (more so for the thinner PG-based juices!) which means the coil will not be able to do its job, therefore rendering the whole affair a fool’s errand.

So, if you must do it, avoid going beyond the 20%.

  • Opt for Distilled Water

The truth about tap water is it contains metals, microbes and other impurities that you don’t want to be getting into your lungs.

If you plan to add water to your e-liquid, opt for distilled water instead as it safer to inhale.

  • The PG/VG Ratio Matters

Because VG (vegetable glycerine) is thicker than PG (propylene glycol) it is recommended to add water only to e-liquids with higher amounts of VG.

This is because the juice can handle being thinned out some more and still retain its ability to vaporise.

E-liquids high in PG are already thin in consistency, so adding even the 20% of H2O can impede their ability to vaporise effectively.

Reasons for Adding Water to Vape Juice

So then, what would make anyone think about diluting their e-juice with plain water?

Several reasons actually…

  • Concentrated Flavour

Some people might be a bit sensitive such that they find some flavours a bit too strong for their liking.

In such instances, adding some water can mellow out the flavour so you don’t find it overwhelming when you vape.

  • Clouds are Way too Dense

The density of your vapour is determined by the thickness of your vape juice.

VG is a thick, viscous substance, which is the reason VG-heavy e-liquids are more suited for blowing thick plumes of vapour.

If you don’t fancy your clouds too puffy, obviously throwing out the juice is not practical. In such a case, try spiking it with some bit of water and see how you like it.

  • Running Low on Supply

Sometimes, your supplies might catch up and you find yourself in a situation where you can’t access a vape shop for refills.

If you are unfortunate to find yourself in such a pickle, you might be forgiven for considering adding water to your juice to stretch it as far as you can.

Obviously, if the juice level is too low, you will have to contend with just a few drops of water so you don’t thin it out to the point it can’t be vaped.

Woe is unto you if it is PG-based!

Last Word

So, yes – it is possible to add water to e-liquid. But the ‘conditions’ must be right if you want to enhance your vaping experience as opposed to compromising it.

By following these few pointers, you avoid the risk of raining on your own parade.

Happy vaping!