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Outfit with Jewelry

How to Glam up Your Outfit with Jewelry

An effortless chic outfit is not perfect if you don’t combine the right jewelry with it. Fashion is one part but completing and perfect an outfit with appropriate jewelry is another. Sometimes the jewelry makes the key piece in your outfit if it is from particular beauty or ingenuity. Fine jewelry brands such as Cartier, Tiffany & Co. or Gucci work hard to offer their discerning youg clientel new and modern jewelry lines that always meet the current trends.

Which jewelry fits your type?

It’s a matter of your personality, style and the specific outfit you wear to find the right jewelry pieces for you. Also the occation plays a significant role. You’ll probably not wear your finest jewelry at work or when you do sports but if you’re invited to a dinner you may wear your expensive diamond jewelry to show what you have. Jewelry for every occasion is available you just have to combine it appropriately. Tiffany Soleste earrings in 18K rose gold with diamonds are every-day-earrings you can wear. These beautiful diamond rose gold stud earrings will complete your business outfit and your casual outfit as well. Subtle elegance is often much more than opulence. Another good example for an everyday- jewelry-piece is the Cartier Diamants Légers necklace in yellow gold with a beautiful center diamond. This classic Cartier necklace is not just a faboulous day-to-day piece it’s also very affordable with $890.

Cartier white gold ring

Cartier, 18K white gold ring, will fit every outfit

If you are an extroverted person you may tend to wear wow-outfits that catch the attiontion of others immediatley once you enter a room. In that case you may choose more conspisious jewelry pieces such as big rings, wide necklaces or bracelets, and prominent brooches. Tiffany’s current high jewelry collection “The 2018 Blue Book Collection” meets the taste of every lady who seeks the spotlight and the big show. Tiffany calls this collection “a celebration of over 180 years of artistry. A laboratory for innovation, where the impossible becomes real.”

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Where to buy jewelry that fits your type?

There are endless options where you could buy jewelry which completes your day and night outfits. Online auctions such as eBay offer great options to strike a bargain for pre-owned jewelry and new jewelry collections. The variety on eBay is huge but if you look for more personal advice maybe your local jeweler can help you or you visit one of the many jewelry stores nearby. You could also find a silver jewelry manufacturer online (like for example) and buy in bulk if you are considering getting a lot of silver jewelry. If you know what you are looking for and you would like to buy a specific piece, luxury consignment stores could be another great option for you as they constantly receive new pieces from private customers what makes it exciting to get collector’s pieces or pieces which are very rare. No matter what option you choose, make sure the

seller is reliable and keeps what he promises. Search for real reviews to make sure your buy is an overall pleasing experience.

Where to sell jewelry that does not longer fit your outfits or personality?

It’s no secret that women change during their life. That means their taste changes, their aspiration to life or simply their style. But what’s the reason for that? Hormons? No! All these changes are normal and a good sign for personal growth and development. Sometimes it’s personal growth, sometimes certain events or situatons that lead to a new beginning or a drastic change. If you have experienced such a change and you would like to bring a new breeze in your closet and you consider to sell jewelry you don’t wear anymore because your taste has changed or the jewelry is just not up-to-date anymore you need a reliable buyer. Changing your style can be like a renaissance and the rediscovery of your new You. If people decide to start something new it’s often a very euphoric and emotional decistion but if you plan to sell your jewelry you should not be emotional and you should not act too hasty. It should be a carefully considered decision to sell jewelry and a well-known player in this business reDollar, knows very well how often people sell their jewelry for too less money. But how can you prevent yourself from making a bad selling deal? According to reDollar, transparency and honesty are the key factors when it comes to sell jewelry. An honest buyer will always name you prices and will never push you to make a deal. Knowing prices allows you to compare buyers and find a place where you get offered the most money. A professional and unbiased jewelry appraisal can give you additional protection as the appraiser will determine the fair market value of your jewelry.

Photo Credit: Thanks to reDollar LLC