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6 Mistakes Beginner Sailors Normally Make

Sailing is considered as a recreational activity or a form of sport nowadays. Though sailing has lost its importance as one of the most common means of transportation and primary means of marine commerce, it is still practiced worldwide.

Now, sailors commit man mistakes that can prove costly, especially the beginner sailors. Many of these are common mistakes. If these are made a matter of public knowledge, many people can benefit and accidents can be averted.

Moreover, a sailor will only truly learn from his mistakes with continuous practice and spending time with an instructor, as it allows a sailor to learn more about ropes and how to handle even the most common situations.

Moreover, sailors should also refrain from taking other passengers with them unless they do not learn about each and every complication and how to counter it.

Knowledge about the Boat:

If you’re not sure about your boat and aren’t adequately experienced in sailing it, then it is necessary to first know about the boat and what to expect from it. For instance, if the place where you take your lessons rents boats of a particular type, say Sunfish boats, and after some time switch to another type, say the larger dinghies then it’s best to be well equipped about the boat’s knowledge, it’s abilities and capabilities and what to expect from it.

For example, the dinghies move slow and usually forgive the beginners who lack proper boat handling skills, while a different boat would turn at a different pace. The result of this is that the sailor is under a constant threat of a capsizing event.


Being overconfident of yourself and your abilities never really has a positive outcome, and in nine cases out of ten, overconfidence leads to failure. Same is the case in sailing. To Find out the best Caribbean Yacht charter Visit Here.

If the wind was gentle in the first couple of sails, this might make the sailor overconfident and induce in him a feeling that he is a competent sailor. But when the same sailor experiences a sail full of strong gusts winds, the sailor finds himself completely helpless.

Right Way of Rules:

Inadequate knowledge about the right of way rules can lead to accidents, as in the cases of cars. If the beginner sailor has insufficient knowledge regarding these rules, it is necessary to first gain enough experience to know about most of the rules if not all which can aid in avoiding an accident.

For example, if one boat is sailing from the south, and another is heading to the west and the come so close to each other that if they do not yield they would collide. In such a case, who has the right of way? Which of the boats should yield? The rules state that the vessel with the least maneuverability has the right of way. Also, under normal conditions powerboats should yield to sailboats.

Ignoring Sunscreen:

Some beginner sailors, in their eagerness, are in a hurry to get on the boat, and come back burnt. So to make it a habit, sailors should tend to put on sunscreen at home if they do not remember putting it on just before getting on the boat.

Not Wearing Gloves:

Another of the general mistakes committed by a beginner sailor is not wearing gloves. Due to constant exposure to sunlight the ropes become very hot. As a result, their hands get burned. To avoid this, sailors should always wear gloves before sailing.

Sailing At Night:

Beginner sailors should refrain from sailing at night. This is because at night, due to reduced visibility even experienced sailors sometimes face certain difficulties so beginner sailors should take care and not become too confident and try to sail at night as in this way they would put their lives at risk.

Sailors have a lot on them when sailing a boat or a yacht. And even if you know your basics, not everyone is built to be a sailor and sail their own boat. Leave it to the professionals while you sail the Caribbean with our team at Zunzun sailing and live life to the fullest.

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