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How to Live a Thrifty or No-Frills Life

In times of economic struggle, you’re probably wondering how you can start living a no-frills or thrifty lifestyle. Being thrifty means different things to different people. To some, it means to deny themselves of everything that isn’t necessary for survival. Other people choose to find creative ways to cut their costs rather than miss out on things they enjoy. These are some tips for how you can start to live more of a thrifty lifestyle. 

Get Grocery Discounts

Food is probably one of your greatest expenses, yet you have no choice but to buy it. Don’t fret, though. You can be as thrifty as you want to be at the grocery store. All you need to do is sign up for a store card. The store card will give you access to a variety of discounts and privileges. It only takes about two minutes to sign up for a card and give yourself the access you deserve to the store’s special pricing. 

Learn the Art of Clearance Shopping

One of the reasons patience is such virtue is that it gives you access to monetary savings that can keep lots of money in your pockets. Taking the time to visit the clearance racks in your favorite stores will give you access to some amazing discounts. Clearance racks usually contain items that had a difficult time selling. That doesn’t mean they’re not gorgeous clothes. It just means that they may not have been highly popular. You can take advantage of that fact by grabbing some items for yourself. Some clearance items offer discounts of 70 percent or more.  

Utilize Flyers and Email Lists

You can also sign up for email lists with various stores. That way, the stores will notify you of when they are having sales that you can benefit from. Alternatively, you can sign up to get no frills flyers. Flyers are excellent tools for keeping customers in the loop about money-saving opportunities. You will usually get frugality flyers in the mail. However, it might be possible for you to get the flyers sent to your email address. All you need to do is notify the store that you would like the no frills flyers sent to your email. You can then take the flyers to the stores and receive your benefit. 

Search for a Discount for Everything

Almost every service and product offers the opportunity for you to get a discount. You can use various tactics to grab hold of your discount. You can search the internet for various promotional codes that might work for you. You could visit the company’s main web page to find out if they’re offering any coupons. You could also use member cards or affiliations to get discounts. Some places offer senior citizen discounts, and some places offer military discounts. Take advantage of those discounts if you can. 

As you can see, being thrifty doesn’t always mean you have to miss the things you love. Try the tips mentioned above to see if a few minor changes can help you drastically.